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USAREUR Photo Gallery
1st Brigade, 3rd Inf Div (M), Conn Barracks, Schweinfurt
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1st Bde, 3rd Inf Div
Conn Bks, Schweinfurt
Photos were provided by Markus Bach from Rothenburg o/T, Germany; originals came from Randy Oliff, 1st Bde, mid 1970s.
AFV Interiors - A great website with lots of informstion on US battle tanks including the M60A2

1. M577 command vehicle (118 KB)

2. M578 recovery vehicle assists with track maintenance (119 KB)

3. M60 on Hohenfels road (97 KB)

4. The 'business end' of an M60 (106 KB)

5. M60A2 in Conn Bks tank park (88 KB)

6. M60A2 (115 KB)

7. M60A2 on road at Conn Bks (125 KB)

8. M60A2 at Hohenfels (120 KB)

9. AH-1 Cobra (99 KB)

10. CH-47 Chinook (76 KB)