Saran Army Airfield, France
(Source: R.C. Neeb, Jr.)
Comments about the top photo from Mike Comito: the quonset hut in the photo is the same building shown in the March 1964 photo and labeled as "CO's Office & Billets." The layout of that quonset hut was (left to right): Aviation Company C.O.s office, USAF weather personnel billet; pool table area used by both USAF and Army personnel. The C.O.s office was separated by a plywood partition from the rest of the hut. The portion of the white building (labeled as "USAF Weather Det") showing to the front of the hut is part of the weather station area -- two rooms at that end: equipment room (fax, teletype, plotting table I think, etc) and weather detachment's C.O. in the other room (front). Also, close inspection of both pictures shows that I was wrong (no news flash there) about the two quonset huts being tied together at the front. They were however joined at the rear by the latrine and showers area.

Fuel tank removal prior to leaving Saran and handing off the airfield to the French goovernment.