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Bonames Army Airfield
(a.k.a. Maurice Rose Army Airfield)

V Corps Aviation

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.


11th Avn Bn

18th Avn Bn

Det 2, 7th WS

3rd ATC Bn, 58th Avn

Avn Sec, 32nd Sig Bn

601st DASC

Fire Station #2

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360º view of airfield

Bonames AAF on wikimapia

On approach to Maurice Rose Army Airfield, ca. 1986 (T.J. Gendreau)

Wide angle view of Bonames Army Airfield, 1967 (David Foutz) (click to enlarge)

An L-19 lands at Bonames Army Airfield, 1967 (David Foutz)

Enroute Map - Maurice Rose AAF, 1984 (Legend)

Maurice Rose Army Airfield diagram and procedures, 1984

Rose Army Airfield installation map, 1976
18th Aviation Bn DI
Groundbreaking for the construction of the airfield began in May 1951. The first permanent buildings were constructed in 1952.

The new airfield first served as an airfield for the 4th Infantry Division which was located at Drake and Edwards Kasernes. The 4th Inf Div was replaced by the 3rd Armored Division in 1956.

Bonames Army Airfield, probably early 1960s (Webmaster's collection)

Bonames Army Airfield, probably early 1960s (Webmaster's collection)
If anyone has information on the aircraft and operations at Bonames during this period, please contact the webmaster (see email link at top of page)

Bonames AAF
Early 1960s


1. H-34 at Bonames

2. H-34s at Bonames

3. H-34s at Bonames

Airfield tower building, 1960 (Johnye Slaughter)

Flight line in front of hangar, 1960 (Johnye Slaughter)

Members of the Corps aviation company, 1960 (Johnye Slaughter)
(Source: Facebook, Johnye Slaughter)
I was a Helicopter Mechanic/Crew Chief assigned to V Corps aviation company.

I lived at Gibbs Keserne until my wife got there, then we lived in Bad Hamburg.

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, March 9, 1962)
German and American representatives of the press, radio and television were invited to a tour of the Army's Bonames Airfield recently to learn about the role and operation of the V Corps airfield.

The group saw a lineup of operational Army fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and also received a 20-min helicopter tour of the Frankfurt area.

Lt Gen John K. Waters, V Corps CG, welcomed the group at a luncheon. Lt Col Jack D. Wells, V Corps aviation officer, provided some background information on Army aviation. Maj L. C. Benton, CO of the Bonames Army Airfield, conducted the tour of the installation.

(Source: Photo Pages by Manfred Faber, Germany)

Bonames AAF


1. Bonames control tower (KB)

2. Sikorsky UH-19D (KB)

3. UH-19D on pad (KB)

4. De Havilland U-1A (KB)

5. De Havilland U-6A (KB)

6. U-1A ready for take off (KB)

7. Beech Aircraft U-8F (KB)


9. Seventh Army U-8D (KB)

10. CH-34 of 8th Avn Co (KB)

11. UH-1B's at Bonames (KB)

12. UH-1B (KB)

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, Aug 31, 1963)

Bonames AAF is the heart of V Corps' aviation missions.

The aircraft stationed at the airfield are flown by personnel of the 66th Aviation Company, 18th Avn Bn. (Company headquarters of the 66th is located at Gibbs Barracks, Frankfurt.) The company's mission is to provide air transportation for the Commanding General of V Corps and his staff as well as performing other tasks vital to V Corps operations.

Aircraft at Bonames include the OH13 Sioux helicopter and the fixed-wing L23 Seminole.

Before the airfield was constructed, the Bonames site had originally served as the Heddernheim Ordnance Depot. Groundbreaking for the airfield began in May 1951 and the first permanent buildings were constructed in 1952. The new airfield first served as an airfield for the 4th Infantry Division which was located at Drake and Edwards Kasernes.

(Source: Photo Pages by Manfred Faber, Germany)

Bonames AAF


1. Control tower in 1967 (KB)

2. O-1A's of 66th Avn Co (KB)

3. U-6A's - one of them beloging to the 503rd Avn Co (KB)

4. Some more U-6A's (KB)


6. A busy day at the airfield (KB)

7. CH-34C (KB)

8. OH-13H (KB)

9. 503rd Avn Co OH-13H (KB)

10. BIRD DOG of the 66th Avn Co (KB)


(Source: Photo Pages by Manfred Faber, Germany)

Bonames AAF


1. UH-1H's at Bonames (KB)

View from the tower towards the northwest (Richard Gillogly)

View of the ramp area, Maurice Rose AHP
(Richard Gillogly)

The POL area, Maurice Rose AHP
(Richard Gillogly)
(Source: Email from Richard Gillogly)
I was Army aviation - 62nd Aviation Company and then 5th Bn, 158 AVN REGT.

I was at both EDEN (Maurice Rose - 1986-92) and EDOU (Wiesbaden - 92-94) from June 1986 until August 1994.

As you know, both Aviation units supported V Corps and all Staff & V Corps units.

A lot of interesting missions

Hope these pics & information will help in filling in part of USAREUR military history.

(To see additional comments from Richard Gillogly regarding the 62nd Avn Co and a pamphlet distributed during the inactivation ceremony (Oct 1987) for the 11th Avn Bn and 62nd Avn Co, click here)

Bonames AHP
Late 1980s


1. Bldg #552

2. CG's and DCG's pads

3. Ramp area


The building use schedule for EDEN, late 1980s. This was
checked by two other folks that arrived before my time. This
is the collaborative effort by three of us (Richard Gillogly)

(Source: Information supplied by Eric T. Deem, 1st Pltn, A Company, 3/58th Avn Regt, 1988-1993)

Annotated satellite view of Maurice Rose AHP (GOOGLE Maps)
To read Eric's comments about his assignment to Maurice Rose AHP between 1988-1993, click here.

(Source: Photo Pages by Helmut Knauthe, Germany and others)

Bonames AAF


1. Airfield Tower, Bonames, Feb 2003

2. Hangars, Bonames, Feb 2003

3. Runway, looking east to west, Bonames


4. 66th Avn Co Barracks, Gibbs

5. Rose AAF, Bonames, June 1967

6. Aerial view of Rose AAF, Bonames, 1986

Aviation Section, 32nd Signal Battalion

U-6A BEAVER of Avn Sec, 32nd Signal Battalion at Bonames (Dana Atchley)
(Source: Email from Dana Atchley, Aviation Section, 32nd Sig Bn, 1967-1969)

I was there in late 1967 to early 1969 attached to the 32nd Signal BN. Aviation group consisted of 2 H-34’s, 1 OH-13, 1 O1-A, 1 U6-A.

As viewed on your Wide angle view of Bonames Army Airfield, 1967 we were located in the hangar at the extreme left (wind sock). Was not much of an airport but we always stayed busy with the H-34’s. Glad to see someone preserved some history.

Looking back, this was quite a time! Found a photo of the Beaver in front of hangar. I did a lot of flying in this.

The Aviation Section was assigned to HHC of the 32nd Signal Bn., however the Section was billeted at McNair Kaserne in Höchst driving daily to the Airfield.

As I recall Bonames was under the management of the 66th Aviation and we were assigned to the end hangar I mentioned earlier.

As you are aware the 32nd Signal spent most of their time out in the field therefore the helicopters were mostly in support of those efforts, whereas the fixed wing performed other tasks associated with the communications and/or courier.

I came to Germany as a fixed wing mechanic in the fall of 1967 as a replacement and was assigned to the 32nd. Unlike other assignments, during this period there was not much focus on the aviation mission therefore it was it was difficult for a small organizational maintenance level group to get much support on their own.

I don’t know if you are at all familiar with Bonames but from fall to late spring the place was a quagmire of mud in areas outside the ramp and apron areas. I remember the only heat we had was a kerosene heater in the hangar office where we would take the 50 weight oil to reduce viscosity to service the H-34’s.

What I remember most is the place was because of Viet Nam in a state of flux with people transitioning in and out. Most Aviators simply did not like living under the structure of the Signal Corps.

Fire Station #2

Fire Station #2, Maurice Rose Army Airfield, c. 1986 (Stefan Groß)
(Source: Email from Stefan Groß, Germany)

As a German civilian, I worked in the US. Fire Department Frankfurt  from 1986 to 1989 as a Crew Chief. I have done my duty on "Maurice Rose Airfield" Frankfurt am Main/ Bonames.

Bonames AAF


1. Fire fighters

2. Fire fighters

3. Aircraft crash rescue training

4. The real thing?


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