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Army Ordnance Ammunition Depots (Com Z)
Communications Zone

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

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Bamberg Ammo Depot

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Rhine Ammo Depot

Siegelsbach Ammo Depot

Captieux Ammo Depot

Trois-Fontaines Ammo Depot

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Captieux Ammunition Depot
(Source: STARS & STRIPES, July 22, 1959)

Captieux Ammo Depot located south of Bordeaux, France, is USAREUR Com Z's southern most post. It is also one of the largest installations in all of USAREUR, covering approximately 23,000 acres in a wooded section near Captieux. It includes a 120-mile road network and 117 miles of telephone lines.

Like most of Com Z's depots, it was established in the early 1950s as the new line of communications was created through France. First came the depot warehouses, followed by troop facilities and finally housing units (in two nearby towns, Bazas and Captieux) for the depot families. (Some families live "on the economy.")

Captieux is the receiving point for ammunition arriving from the US. Most of the ammo comes through Bassens, a Com Z port near Bordeaux. From there the ammo is shipped by rail to the Captieux depot for storage. The ammo is stored in thousands of storage huts.

When the first elements of Army troops (7711th Trans Bn) arrived at the Captieux facility in the Fall of 1950 to establish the depot, they found a collection of bombed-out barracks and other buildings that had previously served as a French Air Force training and operation station in WWII. Ammunition arrived almost immediately and was stored in plasterboard and "filloid" huts, usually mounted on wooden planking. A rewarehousing program later placed the ammo on pierced steel planking, high above ground.

Recent rehabilitation and construction efforts have added a gym, new dependent school, movie theater, bowling alley, EM Club and other rec and athletic facilities.

Future plans call for the addition of more warehouses, a community building, another rail spur and concrete igloos to replace the current storage hutments.

Trois Fontaines Ammunition Depot

Trois Fontaines Ordnance Depot, Robert-Espagne, France, 1958 (IGN website, France)

Class V Area, TFOD, undated

Main gate, TFOD, 1955 (R. Rankin)

Motor park, TFOD, 1955 (R. Rankin)
(Source: Email from R. Rankin)

Lt. R. Rankin next to company sign
  I am looking for history or information about the "Trois Fontaines Army Ammo Depot, " designation was 7831 A U, APO 287. It was a sizable depot storing many tons of all types of Army ammo.

I was there form April 1955 to Dec 1956. I was O.I.C. of the Planning and Engineering section of the Ammo Renovation Co.

Information seems to have vanished. It was located near Robert Espaine, France in the "Trois Fountaines" forest area.

I now am digitizing some old 35mm photos and trying to identify or add info. Some of the old timers might remember some of the scenes.

I can't imagine the Army not having some written history of TFOD [7831 Army Unit] since it was a sizeable installation!!! Maybe someone else could add to the info!

1. Barracks

2. Renovation Co bldg

3. My office building

4. Depot Office

5. Depot road

6. Ammo huts

7. Depot officers

8. P & E Section

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