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7732nd Field Artillery Group
US Constabulary

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Group History

70th FA Bn

74th FA Bn

517th FA Bn (94th FA Bn)

519th FA Bn (91st FA Bn)

Group History
1948 - 1951
(Source: Reorganization of Tactical Forces, VE-Day to 1 January 1949, OCCUPATION FORCES series)
Proposal for Constabulary Field Artillery Units

Further evidence that Theater (HQ EUCOM) planners were beginning to think of the Constabulary more in terms of a tactical force than as a mere police agency was given in the request to the Department of the Army on 7 November 1947 for permission to organize elements of the Constabulary into field artillery battalions. General Clay desired the creation within the Constabulary of one 105mm and one 155mm field artillery battalion. He considered these units essential for support of the Constabulary in case of an emergency, and desired their training to begin as rapidly as possible. The Department of the Army approved the project on 10 December 1947, but directed that, since there was no Table of Organization for a Constabulary field artillery unit, the field artillery battalions be organized outside the Constabulary. Execution of this plan involved the elimination of the 94th Constabulary Squadron and Troop "D" of the 14th Constabulary Squadron, and the concurrent organization of the two field artillery battalions which were designated the 91st and 94th Field Artillery Battalions. On 19 December, EUCOM Headquarters issued orders inactivating the 94th Constabulary Squadron and Troop "D" of the 14th
Constabulary Squadron, and activating the 91st and 94th Field Artillery Battalions.

In mid 1948, further planning to convert the US Constabulary to a tactical force included the organization of two additional field artillery battalions (light) using the 15th and 27th Constabulary Squadrons as carrier units. All units of the Constabulary were alerted to provide officer and enlisted artillery personnel to these units.

On 15 December, the 70th and 74th Field Artillery Battalions were activated, utilizing personnel of the 15th and 27th Constabulary Squadrons, whose strength was reduced to zero. The 94th and 91st Field Artillery Battalions were reorganized, giving the Constabulary four Field Artillery Battalions.

(Source: Volume I, The Third Year of the Occupation, Fourth Quarter. Hq EUCOM, 1948)
A step in the provisional reorganization of the US Constabulary along the lines of a tactical force was taken in mid-May (1948) when the Commanding General, US Constabulary, was directed to organize a Field Artillery Group to supervise the 91st and 94th Field Artillery Battalions, then a part of the Constabulary.

General Order No. 16, US Constabulary, 18 May 48, subj: "Organization of Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 7732 Field Artillery Group."

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, Nov 9, 1948)
ORGANIZATION (November 1948):


HHD, 7732nd FA Group Sonthofen [1]  
27th FA Bn   redes 74th AFA Bn in Dec 1948
68th FA Bn    
91st FA Bn (155mm How) Grafenwoehr [1] redes 519th FA Bn in May 1949
94th FA Bn Grafenwoehr [1]
[1] STATION LIST, 1 September 1948

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, July 1, 1949)
ORGANIZATION (November 1948):


HHD, 7732nd FA Group Sonthofen  
70th FA Bn (Fuessen)  
74th FA Bn (Landshut)  
517th FA Bn Sonthofen  
519th FA Bn (155mm How) Sonthofen

(Source: A Progress Report on the United States Constabulary, Military Review, October 1949)
After the reorganization of the US Constabulary regiments to armored cavalry in 1948, the Constabulary also formed several support units, including a field artillery group with four field artillery battalions (one medium and three light field artillery).

On July 20, 1948, the 7732d FA Gp was formed at Sonthofen.

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, Sept 8, 1949)
Col William J. Thompson assumed command of the 7732nd FA Group. He succeeds Col William H. Hill who returned to the States in May. (Col Charles H. Anderson, commander of the 70th FA Bn, Fuessen, served as temporary commander of the Group from July to Sept.)

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, Oct 10, 1950)
Col Paul R. Weyrauch is currently commanding officer of the 7732nd FA Group at Ordensburg Kaserne, Sonthofen. (Col Weyrauch assumed command in September 1950 replacing Lt Col George S. Eckhardt. Lt Col Eckhardt had served as temporary CO of the group after the previous CO, Col William J. Thompson, had been reassigned to HQ US Constabulary as the G4 in April 1950.)

Col Wynot R. Irish is (Sonthofen) sub-post commander.
If you have more information on the history or organization of the 7732nd FA Group (or any of the subordinate units), please contact me.

70th Field Artillery Bn
(Source: Reorganization of Tactical Forces, VE-Day to 1 January 1949)
The 15th Con Sq served as a carrier unit for the formation of the 70th FA Bn.
(Source: 2nd Constabualry Brigade Organization Day, 27 July 1951)
The 70th Field Artillery Battalion was activated on December 15 1948 at Fuessen, Germany as a unit of the United States Constabulary. As a member of the 2nd Armored (Cavalry) Regiment, the mission of the 70th was to furnish Artillery support for the attack echelons of the 2nd A/C Regt. The battalion was equipped with 105 mm towed howitzers.
(Source: 18th Field Artillery Group, 37th Anniversary, 1954)
The 70th Field Artillery Battalion, equipped with the truck-drawn 105mm Howitzer, was stationed at Fuessen between Dec 15 1948 and the summer of 1951. During the summer the Bn was moved to its new station at Merrell Barracks, Nuernberg. Shortly thereafter, the Bn was redesignated the 70th Armored FA Battalion, although it did not receive its complement of self-propelled 105mm Howitzers until the spring of 1952.
(Source: 18th Field Artillery Group, 38th Anniversary, June 1955)
The 70th FA Bn was transferred to Nuernberg on 26 July 1951.

70th FA Bn


1. Army Day Parade, April 1949 (KB)

2. B Battery (KB)

3. Reviewing officials (KB)
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4. Pass in Review (KB)

5. Lt Col Perkins, CO (KB)


517th Field Artillery Bn
1949 - 1958
(Source: Keith, Donald R. - Oral History Transcript, USAMHI)
In 1950-51, the 517th Armd FA Bn was located at Wetzlar and was in direct support of the 14th ACR. They lived on the border with the CAV. All the units were at full TO&E.

At a later date, the battalion moved into a tent city while they were waiting for construction work on their new kaserne in Büdingen to be completed - the old Wehrmacht kaserne had received some damage during WWII.

519th Field Artillery Bn
1949 - 1958
The 519th Field Artillery Battalion was act on May 20 1949 at Sonthofen. Concurrently with the activation of the 519th, the 91st FA Bn at Sonthofen (a 155mm unit formed from the 91st Constab Sq on Jan 6, 1948) was inactivated. Personnel and equipment from the 91st were transferred to the newly formed 519th. The new battalion was attached to the 7732nd FA Group. The 519th provided general support to the US Constabulary armored cavalry regiments.

In early 1951(?), the 519th moved to Babenhausen where they lived in tents until the Kaserne was completed.

(Source: Email from C.D. Cox, 519th FA Bn)
The 91st FA Bn was in Sonthofen when I arrived in Mar. 1949. The Bn. Cdr. was Ltc. Hopkins. We then changed to the 519th FA Bn. 

In 1950 when the 517th FA Bn moved out (of Sonthofen) we got their bn cdr. He didn't stay too long, then we got Ltc McCormac (see photos below).

We later moved to Babenhausen, where Ltc Eugene Wilson took command of the battalion. After that it was Maj Bobby Griffin and the last one, before I left, was Ltc James H Dyson.

519th FA Bn


1. CG of US Constabulary pays a visit (KB)

2. Vehicles (KB)

3. Equipment (KB)

4. 155mm howitzer (KB)

5. Lt Gen Eddy, CG 7th Army (KB)

6. Live fire exercise (KB)

7. 519th FA Bn sports awards (KB)

(Source: Email from Dean Stagers)
Your page has just brought back some of the most fond memories of my younger life.  I arrived in Sonthofen in early 1949 after coming through Bremerhaven Repel Depot. I was assigned to the 519th Field Artillery Bn. Service Btry. The pictures you have on site are so perfect that I could even pick out the room I was assigned to. I believe that Sonthofen and the surrounding are is one of the prettiest places I have ever been. We moved out of there in 1950 and settled in Babenhausen. Just out of Darmstadt. Was an old German air base.

I will treasure your pictures the remainder of my days, as I have lost everything I had over the years.

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