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31st Medical Group
7th Army

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Group History 

34th Med Bn

36th Med Bn

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31st Medical Group History
31st Medical Group DI
(Source: Email from Ronald H. Gordon)
I was a member of the 31st Med Gp from Jan 1960 - Aug 1962.

This is the group as of March 1961:
31st Medical Group, Darmstadt
7th Evacuation Hospital, Darmstadt
31st Surgical Hospital, Hoechst
32nd Surgical Hospital, Wurzburg
53rd Medical Detachment Helicopter Ambulance, Darmstadt (Griesheim Airfield) (1)
547th Medical Company Clearing Separate, Hoechst
29th Army Postal Unit, Darmstadt

34th Medical Battalion (Sep), Wertheim
52nd Medical Detachment Helicopter Ambulance, Wertheim
95th Medical Company Ambulance, Wertheim
377th Medical Company
557th Medical Company Ambulance, Wertheim
655th Medical Company Ambulance, Wertheim

(1) Some time late 1961 or early 1962, the 53rd Medical Detachment was replaced by the 45th Medical Detachment. The 53rd was flying H-19’s and was returned to CONUS.

HISTORY BY UNIT (from a 31st Medical Group unit history published in the late 1950s)
31st Medical Group
Headquarters, 31st Medical Group was constituted is the Regular Army as the 31st Medical Regiment on 1 October 1943.
The unit was activated 15 July 1942 at Camp Barkley, Texas.
Headquarters and headquarters and service company 31 Medical Regiment, was redesignated Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 31st Medical Group, on 10 September 1943.
This organization is authorized streamers for World War II participation in Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, and Central Europe.
31st Medical Group was reactivated 15 August 1951 at Wurzburg, Germany.
The organization is presently located in Darmstadt, Germany.

7th Evacuation Hospital (SMBL)
The 7th Evacuation Hospital was organized on 26 November 1917 at Fort Riley, Kansas, as Evacuation Hospital Number 7.
The organization participated in WW I in the following campaigns: Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, St Mihiel, and Meuse-Argonne.
It received a decoration streamer with colors of the French Croix de Guerre with Silver Star, embroidered St Mihiel-Mause_Argenne.
The organization was demobilized on 1 May 1919, and reconstituted in the Regular Army as the 7th Evacuation Hospital, 21 December 1928.
The 7th Evacuation Hospital was activated 22 January 1942, at Fort Dix, New Jersey.
The unit participated in campaigns in Bismarck Archipelago and Luzon during WW II and was inactivated 10 December 1945 at Tokyo, Japan.
It was redesignated the 7th Evacuation Hospital Semi-mobile, 16 February 1951, and activated 15 August 1951 at Degerndorf, Germany.
The organization is presently located in Darmstadt, Germany.

31st Surgical Hospital (MA)
On 1 January 1938, this organization was constituted on the inactive list of the Regular Army as the 31st Surgical Hospital.
On 31 May 1943, this unit was activated and designated the 31st Portable Surgical Hospital at Bushnell General Hospital, Utah.
The organization participated in operations in the Northern Solomons and Luzon and holds the Presidential Unit Streamer.
On 5 November 1945, the organization was inactivated at Lingayon, Philippine Islands.
The unit was designated the 31st Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, 16 February 1951, and reactivated at Degerndorf, Germany, on 1 September 1951.
With the redesignation as 31st Surgical Hospital (Mobile Army) on 1 April 1953.
The unit is presently located in Hoechst, Germany.

32nd Surgical Hospital (MA)
The 32nd Surgical Hospital was constituted in the Regular Army, 1 January 1938.
On 7 June 1943, the unit was designated the 32nd Portable Surgical Hospital and activated at Borden General Hospital, Chickasha, Oklahoma.
From 20 April 1944 to 23 December 1945, the unit participated in the China Defensive Campaign and was stationed in Algeria, North Africa, India and China.
The organization was inactivated on 23 December 1945.
The 32nd Portable Surgical Hospital was designated 32nd Mobile Army Surgical Hospital and activated at Degerndorf , Germany, on 15 September 1951.
Redesignated as the 32nd Surgical Hospital (Mobile) (Army), on 1 April 1953.
The organization is presently located in Wurzburg, Germany.

547th Medical Company (Clr) (Sep)
The 547th Medical Company was originally designated the 40th Ambulance Company and allotted to the Regular Army on 26 March 1929.
The unit was designated Company D, 14th Medical Regiment, 13 July 1936.
The organization was activated at Camp Bowie, Texas, 9 June 1941, and designated Company D, 64th Medical Regiment (Amb).
Company D, 64th Medical Regiment, was designated 609th Clearing Company and reorganized on 11 September 1943.
The 609th Clearing Company was designated the 547th Medical Company Separate and activated 22 August 1949, at Bad Wildungen, Germany.
On 21 August 1953, the 547th Medical Company was reorganized and is presently located at Hoechst Germany.

Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment 34th Medical Battalion (Separate)
This unit was activated 15 July 1942, at Camp Barkley, Texas, as Headquarters and headquarters detachment, 34th Medical Battalion, 30 November 1943.
During World War II, the organization participated in campaigns of Northern France, Rhineland, Andennes_Alsace and Central Europe.
Inactivation took place on 18 October 1945, at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia.
The Medical Battalion was allotted to the Regular Army, 9 February 1953, and activated 25 March 1953, in Korea.
The Battalion Participated in the Third Korean Winter, and Korean Summer Fall campaigns of 1953.
On 26 November 1954, the headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 101st Medical Battalion (Sep) was designated Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 34th Medical Battalion.
The unit is presently located in Wertheim, Germany.

52nd Medical Detachment (Hel) (Amb)
In December 1952, non medical helicopter units previously assigned to Eighth Army Flight Detachment, were designated as Medical Detachments, Helicopter Units.
The 52nd Medical Detachment (HA) was a designated unit.
The 52nd Medical Detachment (HA) supported the 8th US Army in Korea and was moved to Japan in the fall of 1954.
The organization was deactivated in Japan.
The unit was reactivated on 23 June 1958, in USAREUR, and attached to the 34th Medical Battalion (Sep).
Located in Wertheim Germany.

53rd Medical Detachment (Hel) (Amb)
The 53rd Malaria Control Unit was activated at the Army Service Forces Training Center, New Orleans, La.
The unit was designated the 53rd Malaria Composite Unit, 13 July 1944, and again as the 53rd Malaria Control Detachment, 1 May 1945.
The unit was activated 15 March 1947, in Japan.
The organization was designated the 53rd Medical Detachment (Hel) (Amb) and activated at Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, on 15 October 1952 and assigned to Seventh Army, September 1953.
The organization was attached to the 31st Medical Group, 20 July 1956.
Located in Darmstadt, Germany.

95th Medical Company (Amb) (Sep)
The 95th Medical Company (Amb) (sep) was activated as the 957th Ambulance Company Motor, in Italy during September 1944.
The unit participated in the Po Valley, North Appenines, and Rome-Arno campaigns. On 25 October 1945, the unit was inactivated.
The 957th Ambulance Company Motor, was activated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on 27 September 1950, and designated 95th Medical Ambulance Company.
On 19 November 1951, the unit was moved to Europe and stationed in Nurenberg.
In 1952, the company moved to its present location in Wertheim, Germany, and was attached to the 34th Medical Battalion (Sep).

377th Medical Company (Coll) (Sep)
This unit was constituted and allotted to the Regular Army as Company B, 52nd Medical Battalion, and was activated on 4 March 1941.
The organization arrived in the North African Theater of Operations, 27 April 1943.
Effective 14 June 1944 the unit, the unit was designated the 377th Medical Collecting Company.
It was assigned to the European Theater of operations effective 1 November 1944.
The unit was inactivated at Wertheim Germany, 31 October 1945.
During World War II, the 377th Medical Collecting Company participated in the following campaigns: Naples, Fozzia, Anzio, Rome-Arno, Southern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace and Central Europe. The unit participated in two assault landings.
The 377th Medical Collecting Company was designated the 377th Medical Company on 14 February 1958, and is attached to the 34th Medical Battalion (Sep).

557th Medical Company (Amb) (Sep)
This unit was activated at Camp Pickett, Virginia.
It received orders for the ETO on 15 June 1952, and was stationed in the Wurzburg area.
It was moved to Wertheim, Germany, in late 1952 and attached to the 34th Medical Battalion (Sep).

655th Medical Company (Amb) (Sep)
The 655th Ambulance Motor Company was activated 12 April 1944 at Camp Swift, Texas.
The organization arrived in the ETO, 20 December 1944.
The unit was reorganized and designated 655th Motor Ambulance Company, 20 August 1945.
The Ambulance Company was inactivated 30 November 1945.
The 655th Motor Ambulance Company was designated the 655th Medical Company (Ambulance)(Separate), activated 28 January 1955, and attached to the 34th Medical Battalion.
Unit is presently located in Wertheim, Germany.

(Source: History of the 583rd Medical Company (Amb))
On 15 April 1975, the 31st Medical Group was inactivated. (Some if not all of the Gp's subordinate units were transferred to the 31st Med Gp.)
If you have more information on the history or organization of the 31st Medical Gp, please contact me.

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, May 29, 1963)
31st Medical Gp Plans Exercise

DARMSTADT, Germany (S&S)
Members of the 31st Medical Gp will take to the field on Monday for annual training exercises that will cover an area of about 50 miles and bring into play 11 of its own units and eight attached medical units, as well as about 100 German soldiers. The exercise has been named Surge On II.

Mission of the group will be to provide Army level medical service to a two-division corps. The mission will include hospitalization, surface evacuation and medical area service, air evacuation, dental service, medical supply and maintenance support and preventive medicine support.

The exercise has as its objective a challenge to the capability both of the group and attached units to provide Army level medical support in mobile tactical operations.

Further, it will aim at determining the most suitable deployment of air and ground elements; implement air loading plans of the surgical hospital in movement by cargo helicopter, and challenge elements of the group in the utilization of temporary river crossing means. Other objectives, of course, are included in the concept of the exercise.

This Sunday, all participating elements will move to operational areas to provide direct support to the "III Corps," consisting of two mechanized infantry divisions. These are simulated. The next day the advanced alert stage will be declared at noon. However, the real action will start on Monday, when handling of "patients" begin with the initial input of simulated casualties who will be evacuated.

The start of the exercise on Tuesday will mark the withdrawal of NATO forces in the face of armored aggressor advances in the Allied corps sector. Elements of a surgical hospital are scheduled to be airlifted by helicopter. Land vehicles and equipment not transported by air will utilize temporary bridging over the Main River and join air-lifted elements the following day.

On June 5, treatment and evacuation units are scheduled to relocate by utilizing temporary engineer bridging.
The following day the Army is to release the "13th Armd Div" to the "III Corps" which moves into attack positions east of the Rhine and north of the Main River and then the division will counterattack. Casualties will continue in a patient status.

Participating in the exercises will be the following units of the 31st Medical Gp: Hq and Hq Det; 7th Evac Hosp; 5th and 31st Surgical hospitals; Hq and Hq Det, 34th Med Bn; 95th, 557th and 655th medical companies; 45th Med Co (Air Ambulance); 547th Med Co, and 735th Med Det.

Attached medical units are: 67th Medical Depot Co; 86th and 122nd dental service detachments; Hq and Hq Det, 36th Med Bn; 427th Med Co; 629th Med Co; 695th Med Co, and 485th Med Lab.

34th Medical Battalion
(Source: 34th Medical Battalion Lineage)
The 34th Medical Battalion was activated 25 March 1953 in Korea.

On 25 July 1965, the battalion was inactivated in Germany. (So, when did it arrive in Germany or was it activated in Germany?

On 25 November 1966, the 34th was reactivated at Fort Benning, Georgia.

(Source: Email from David Cannon)
546th Medical Company (Clearing) - REFORGER unit

Just happened to browse for one of the first units I was assigned to as a young 2LT. The 546th Medical Company (Clearing) was indeed part of the 30th Medical Group.

When I was with the 546th (1976-77) we were stationed at Ft. Benning and assigned to the 34th Medical Bn. We had a REFORGER mission and wore the 7th MEDCOM patch as best as I can recall.

The 2d Combat Support Hospital was also part of the 34th Medical Bn with a REFORGER mission and also wore the 7th MEDCOM patch.

There were a number of other medical and non-medical units that made up this non-divisional medical battalion to include the 690th Ground Ambulance Co, and the 498th Air Ambulance Company. Also had a Pathfinder Platoon and heavy lift helicopter unit, and maybe even an attack helicopter unit since the 34th Medical Bn had a LTC helicopter pilot commander.

The 546th was deactivated and reorganized as another unit probably in the 1980s as part of a medical reengineering effort.

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