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29th Transportation Battalion
10th Transportation Group

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

History (19..-19..)

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Battalion History

Cargo trucks and tractor-trailers of Böblingen-based 12th Transportation Company assembled
at Rhein-Main Air Base wait for the arrival of the advance party of 2nd Armored Division
from Fort Hood, Tex. as part of Operation BIG LIFT, late Oct 1963 (UPI Press photo)
29th Transportation Bn DUI
(Source: STATION LIST, Dec 31, 1955)
The 29th Transportation Battalion is located at Boeblingen and is assigned to the 7th Army Troops command.

(Source: STARS & STRIPES, May 1, 1956)
The 29th Transportation Battalion and the 24th Trans Bn are the two transportation truck battalions attached to the 10th Trans Group in Flak Kaserne, Ludwigsburg.

The 29th has five truck companies.
If you have more information on the history or organization of the 29th Transportation Bn, please contact me.

12th Transportation Company

1st Platoon, 12th Trans Company trucks ready for REFORGER 1968 (Dan Doak)

3rd Platoon, 12th Trans Company 5-ton tractors with S&P trailers, 1968 (Dan Doak)

The motor park of the 12th Trans and 5th Trans companies at Panzer Kaserne, 1964
(Source: STARS & STRIPES, Sept 8, 1948)
The 12th Transportation Truck Company, a US Constabulary unit, arrived at the Kitzingen Basic Training Center for refresher training in basic military subjects.

The company came to Kitzingen after completing field exercises in Grafenwoehr, where it was recently made part of the Constabulary.

(Source: Email from Domingo Carrera, 12th Trans Co, 1963-65)
I thank you for the great job of making and keeping this web page. There are many thoughts that I would like to express but everyone that spent time there in those years would understand how I feel after so many years now watching those pictures and reading about events that I was part of.

It has been great to bring back old memories of the time I spent in Germany in the years 1963-65. I was assigned to 12th Trans Light Trk Co, 29th Tran Batt. at Panzer Kaserne in Boeblingen. I arrived on Dec 63 after spending Xmas in the middle of the Atlantic onboard the USNS Patch.

I spent most of my time driving all over the southern part of Germany, we were a very independent unit, had orders to go to some post and had to define the route to go and back after delivering the cargo or some times transporting troops, job for usually one or two trucks at a time.

We were the 12th Light Trk Co. and the 5th Light Trk Co with our trucks parked in the hardstand next to our barracks and the 96th Hvy Trk. Co. that used a different hard stand next to their building, we all were part of the 29th Trans. Batt.

It was something to see the nights when we had to drive all the trucks to go to a different assigned areas for the night alerts we had about once a month and always at around 2 am. -- in combat gear and using only the trucks night lights.

I drove 15,000 miles and got to know so many beautiful large and small old towns, I still keep my OFFICIAL ROAD MAP FOR ALLIED FORCES, EUROPE - SOUTHERN GERMANY where I marked all the cities and posts I drove to.

I have pictures of the trucks and the hard stand that I am going to send you. I know I must have some more since I was kind of a camera bug and I will email them as soon as I locate them.

12th Trans Co


1. TRK-34 made ready.

2. On the way to somewhere.

3. 2nd Platoon drivers.

4. Driver and assigned truck.

5. Cold morning.

6. Company sign.

12th TC motor pool where maintenance platoon worked at Panzer Kaserne
(Source: Email from Daniel Doak, 12th Trans Co, 1967-1969)
12th Transportation Company - REFORGER Unit

The 12th Trans webpage was very interesting to view. It brings up many memories to me.

Dan Doak and his truck (#7)
  I was assigned first in 1st Platoon, 12th Trans Co, and then in Maintenance Platoon from Dec. 1967- Aug 1969 when we reforged the company from Germany to Ft Leonard Wood Mo.

I think the 12th was disbandad a couple of years later. I think they had a hard time justifying themselves serving on post hauling troops & supplies.

The other trucking companies within the 29th Battalion, got distributed to other forts in the US. I think there was the 34th, 96th,12th, 5th Transportation Co.

When we left Germany all the trucks, trailers and equipment had to be driven to Mannheim, Germany. There they were totally inspected for leaks and put into cold storage. This was in case the Russians attacked; they could be hauled out, and put back in service, (Ha Ha). It was difficult putting trucks, (some with 300,000 miles) back to like-new condition, free of any leaks or seepage of any fluids.

I enjoyed my time in Germany, with the 12th traveling with my 2 ½ ton truck & trailer from Berlin to Munich and all over the country. I proudly display my certificates in my office now and are frequently asked about them by younger associates.

12th Trans Co


1. Motor pool

2. Members of Maint Pltn

3. Parker

4. SSgt Faber and Parker

5. A Sunday break

6. Service club & snack bar

7. Barracks buildings

8. Ready to roll

9. Company sign

10. Locker

11. Bunk

12. 1st Pltn drivers

13. Riding the buffer

14. Sneaking out

15. Boathouse in Böblingen

96th Transportation Company

A 25-ton International of the 96th Trans Co at Graf, 1967 -
transmission was auto with lock ups and converters and a goose
neck trailer that loaded from the fifth wheel (Robert Stall)
(Source: Email from Len Matson, 96th Trans Co, 1953-55)
In looking at the history shown for the 96th Trans Co (Lt Trk) it appears to be missing some of the slightly earlier times.

I was with the 96th Co. from December 1953 until April 1955. We were at Nelingen Kaserne, which was near the town of Esslingen. Also, when we were at Nellingen Kaserne the battalion (29th Trans Bn) had 4 light truck companies and 1 helicopter company (328th Trans Co (Hel)).

We were the 96th Trans (Lt Trk) Co -- we had M34 & M35 trucks and one 5-ton wrecker.

In January, 1955 we were told that we were being changed to a heavy truck company and would be getting tractors and lowboy trailers. We would be hauling tanks and were to relocate to Boeblingen Kaserne when they arrived. We were told that the trucks had arrived in Germany and were being readied for delivery to us.

We were all promoted to E3 rank in preparation, however, when I left in April of 1955, the trucks still had not arrived.

(Source: Email from Walt Bischoff, 96th Trans Co, 1963-64)
I was stationed at Panzer Kaserne (Böblingen) from May 1963 till Sept 1964 and was with the 96th Trans Co (Heavy Lift). Do you or anyone you know of have any pictures of the old M-123 "DRAGON WAGON" along with the M-172 trailer? I had quite a few but lost them in a fire a few years back. Since then I've been going nuts trying to locate someone who may have some of these pics.

Also there was an Ordnance Co at Panzer where I used to take my tractor for repair when our mechanics couldn't handle the job. I forget which Co. it was.

Our mission was to haul M-60 tanks and other tracked vehicles for armored divisions to the lovely sites as Wildflecken, Hohenfels and Grafenwoehr just to name a few. I also was a member of the 29th Trans Bn Drill Team where we put shows on at various Air Force bases and also civilian arenas. Anyone who was at Panzer has to remember the hole in the fence which led us to Mom's gasthaus. Many times the MP's tried to grab us but never could. If anyone out there remembers these great times I would love to hear from them. These were probably the best times of my life.

Well it was great seeing some of the pics on your site and would like to thank you for any help you can give me with this search.


M-123 Truck, Tractor, 10-ton, 6 x 6, c. 1964 (Domingo Carrera)

M-123 (Domingo Carrera)

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