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Installation Maps - late 1970s

1. Rose Barracks, 1970s

2. Minick Kaserne, 1970s

3. George C. Marshall Kaserne, 1970s

4. Bad Kreuznach Army Hospital, 1970s

5. De La Marne Kaserne, 1970s

6. Bad Kreuznach Army Airfield, 1970s

7. Rose Barracks


8. Anderson Barracks

9. QM and R&U Area

10. Marne Kaserne


Topographical maps of Bad Kreuznach and surrounding area. These maps are reproduced from the "U.S. Military Installation Atlas" published by the 37th Transportation Group in 1980.

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Click here for a list of the installations.

Bad Kreuznach (KB)


Topographical map of Bad Kreuznach. This map was provided by Rodrigo Gebhard, Germany.

Click on the thumbnail to view a larger format of the same map.

List of Installation:
1. Marshall Kaserne
2. Bad Kreuznach AAF
3. Minick Kaserne
4. Rose Barracks
5. Housing Area
6. Hospital Kaserne
7. Rheingrafenstein LTA

Bad Kreuznach (KB)


After the last units had left the community, a stone memorial was erected by the City of Bad Kreuznach to commemorate the friendships developed over the past 50 years between the US Army and the local German populace. (Image submitted by Rodrigo Gebhard, Germany)

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Bad Kreuznach Kasernes  


A. Des Gouttes Kaserne

B. Hindenburg Kaserne

C. Hindenburg Kaserne
Hospital Ksn

Hospital Kaserne, Bad Kreuznach, possibly late 1950s (Walter Elkins)

Aerial photo of Hospital Kaserne, Bad Kreuznach (Bernd K. Holderbaum)

Hospital Kaserne, Bad Kreuznach

1. Former BK Hospital, 2005

2. Main gate, BK Hospital, 2005

3. BK Hospital, 2005

4. BK Hospital, 2005

5. Main entrance, BK Hospital, 2005

6. Barracks, BK Hospital, 2005

7. BOQ (?), 2005

Bad Kreuznach Army Hospital, 1952 (Webmaster's collection)

Retreat at the 20th Station Hospital (Webmaster's collection)

Parking lot, Bad Kreuznach Army Hospital (Webmaster's collection)

8. Catching the shuttle bus

9. Hospital parking lot

10. Hospital MP

11. West wing
Rose Bks

8th Infantry Division Headquarters, Rose Barracks, 1959

8th Infantry Division Headquarters, Rose Barracks, 1967

1. Main gate, 2006

2. Barracks bldg, 2006

3. Former NCO Club

4. Post chapel

5. Warehouse

6. Warehouses

7. Barracks

8. QM Laundry?

9. Barracks

10. Motor pool

11. Gas station

12. Tracks to railhead

Installation Map with Sat view

13. Main gate

14. Main gate

15. Main gate

16. Main gate

17. Bldg 5300

18. Bldg 5300

19. Bldg 5300

20. Bldg 5300

21. Bldg 5300

22. Bldg 5301

23. Bldg 5301

24. Bldg 5301

25. Bldg 5302

26. Bldg 5302

27. Bldg 5303

28. Bldg 5303

Rose Barracks, c. 1958

20th Transportation Battalion motor pool, Rose Barracks, 1960

Leonard Yniguez, A Co, 20th Trans Bn, walks past the entrance to the Snack Bar, 1961

Rose Barracks dispensary, mid-1960s (Walter Saka)

29. Bldg 5303

30. Bldg 5304

31. Bldg 5304

32. Bldg 5304

33. Bldg 5304

34. Bldgs 5304, 5306 & 5328

35. Bldg 5305

36. Bldg 5305

37. Bldgs 5305 & 5306

38. Bldg 5306

39. Clock tower

40. Bldg 5309

41. Bldg 5309

42. Bldg 5309 & Rose Theater

43. Rose Theater

44. Rose Theater & motor pool


46. Bldg 5325

47. Bldg 5325


49. Motor pool

50. Motor pool

51. Motor pool

52. Motor pool

53. Motor pool

54. Bldg 5339

55. Bldg 5348

56. Motor pool across Alzeyerstrasse

57. NCO Club

58. NCO Club


Main gate, Rose Barracks, 1971 (Mac Bentley)

HHC, 8th Infantry Division sign in front of barracks (Mac Bentley)

Partial view of the post from the HHC barracks (Mac Bentley)

The 'Flaming Arrow' mess hall on Rose Barracks (Mac Bentley)

59. Bldg 5331

60. Bldg 5331

61. Bldg 5331

62. Perimeter road

63. Bldg 5332

64. Bldg 5332

65. Bldg 5333, mess hall

66. Bldg 5333

67. Bldg 5333

68. Bldg 5334

69. Bldg 5334

70. Bldg 5335

71. Bldg 5325

Des Gouttes Ksn
Minick Bks

8th S & T Battalion at Bad Kreutznach, 1964-66 (Walter Saka, YouTube video)

1. Main Gate, 1961

2. Inside Des Gouttes Kaserne, "A" Battery personnel enjoying a Saturday in the Summer of 1961

3. Looking north from the main gate, AutoHaus Walter von Hoff
4. Mess Hall (left side of bldg) and EES facilities

5. 580th Engineer Company barracks

6. MP (and others) barracks in bldg on left

7. Retreat Ceremony
Marshall Ksn

Bad Kreuznach QM and R&U Area, 1953 (Webmaster's collection)
(If you have additional maps, photos or information on the QM and R&U Area from the 1950s, I would
like to hear from you!  Falls Sie ein deutscher Angestellter waren, können Sie auch gerne auf deutsch schreiben.)
Bad Kreuznach Misc.

1. Family Housing, 2005

2. Family Housing, 2005

3. Family Housing, 2005

4. Family Housing, 2005

5. Family Housing, 2005

6. Family Housing, 2005

7. Family Housing, 2005

8. Family Housing, 2005

9. Family Housing, 2005

Family Housing map, 1980s
Index of facilities

Satellite View, BK Housing

10. Former Rheingrafenstein Storage Area, 2005

11. Former Rheingrafenstein Storage Area, 2005

12. Former Rheingrafenstein Storage Area, 2005

13. Former Rheingrafenstein Storage Area, 2005

14. Former Rheingrafenstein Storage Area, 2005

15. Location of Storage Area, 1957


16. RTO, 2006

17. RTO, 2006
De La Marne Ksn

Marne Kaserne at Bingen, 1953 (Webmaster's Collection)
(If you have additional maps, photos or information on De La Marne Kaserne from the 1950s, I would
like to hear from you!  Falls Sie ein deutscher Angestellter waren oder bei der Labor Service gedient
haben, können Sie auch gerne auf deutsch schreiben.)

De La Marne Kaserne at Bingen, mid-1950s

1. Bingen aerial (KB)

Anderson Bks


Oppenheim Cantonment (Anderson Barracks), Dexheim, 1953

Anderson Barracks, Dexheim, c. 1954

Anderson Barracks, Dexheim (Mike Smith)

Anderson Barracks, 1960

View from IFC guard shack

B 1-5 barracks, USO Club and gym

4. Pay Meyers

Post gym

PX and Snack Bar, middle

Gooch next to car made of plywood

Mess Hall

Ron Meyer

Barracks buildings

B 1-5 deuce-and-a-half

12th Engr Bn HQ bldg

13. USO Club

USMCA Bad Kreuznach (APO 09111) - Garrison History & Operations

Area of Responsibility of the Bad Kreuznach Military Community, 1970s-80s

Bad Kreuznach merges into 53rd ASG, October 1992

Research Request
Information is being compiled for a history of the U.S. Army installations in the Bad Kreuznach & Dexheim area, 1945 to 1990s.
Help keep the memories alive!
1. Historical information on installations and units
Looking for historical information on units and military activities including base support in the Bad Kreuznach, Dexheim and Bingen areas between 1945 and the 1990s.
Contact: webmaster

2. Aerial & ground photos of kasernes & housing areas
Subject: Looking for period photos of the US Army installations (including dependent housing areas, schools, shopping centers, service (gas) stations & miscellaneous storage or maintenance facilities used by EES/AAFES, Quartermaster, Ordnance, Signal and Transportation units/activities) in and around Bad Kreuznach, Dexheim & Bingen from 1945 to the 1990s.
Contact: webmaster

3. Installation maps
Subject: Looking for facility/post engineer maps of the various installations, activities and housing areas in the Bad Kreuznach, Dexheim & Bingen area from 1945 to 1990s.
Contact: webmaster

4. Military Community map
Requester: Webmaster
Subject: Looking for a map that shows in detail the Bad Kreuznach military community boundaries for the period 1974-1990.
Contact: webmaster

View of the southeast side of the Kurhaus Hotel, early 1950s after having
been derequisitioned by the US Army

Bad Kreuznach, 1950s - Kurhaus Hotel and Annex with the Kur Park (bottom left);
the Bad Kreuznach Army Hospital can be seen in the distance
(Source: 1952 Command Report, Western Area Command)
The Kurhaus Hotel in Bad Kreuznach, with its annex, was the hub of the Bad Kreuznach District's activities in the early 1950s.

Headquarters offices were located in the Annex. The main building of the Kurhaus housed the American Officers' and Civilians' Club, with Class "B" Mess, Bachelor Officer Quarters, and billets for transients.

The basement of this building accommodated the District's Kindergarten and Class VI store.

While the large hotel was occupied for the most part by the US Forces for their facilities, the top floor of the building was reserved for use by the German owner.


Source: 410th Base Support Battalion files (former Bad Kreuznach MILCOM), 1992
12 November 1937 The City of Bad Kreuznach officially becomes a garrison of the German Wehrmacht. The German soldiers are housed in emergency quarters pending the construction of suitable billets.
23 October 1938 Construction of kaserne/billets is completed and named Hindenburg Kaserne.
March 1945 Hindenburg Kaserne is evacuated by the German Wehrmacht soldiers. Between 16-18 March, US forces take and occupy Bad Kreuznach. They move into Hindenburg Kaserne.
March - July, 1945 US forces are stationed in Hindenburg Kaserne and perform occupation duties.
10 July, 1945 Bad Kreuznach becomes part of the French Occupation Zone in Germany. The French Army moves into Hindenburg Kaserne recently vacated by the US troops and renames the installation Marshal Foch Caserne.
July 1951 The US 2nd Armored Division takes over the kaserne and renames it Maurice Rose Kaserne, in honor of MGen Maurice Rose, a hero of WWII.
December 1957 The 2nd Armd Div is replaced by the 8th Infantry Division under the "Gyroscope" program.
17 January 1992 The 8th Inf Div (Mech) is inactivated as part of the US drawdown in Europe. The division is then redesignated as the 1st Armored Division which had previously been located in Ansbach in Bavaria.
WWI After World War I (1914-1918), French troops occupy Bad Kreuznach and the area left of the Rhine River. They stay in Bad Kreuznach until 1930 and build the town's first barracks, Des Gouttes Caserne.
1968 Des Gouttes Kaserne is renamed John W. Minick Kaserne. Minick was killed in action in November 1944.
1929 The building complex on Franziska-Puricelli-Strasse is ereceted as a catholic home for children.
WWII The original structures including the chapel are taken over by the German Wehrmacht at the outset of World War II as a military hospital.
March 1945 When the 4th Armored Division and the 1303rd Engineer Battalion of Gen Patton's Third US Army occupy Bad Kreuznach between 16-18 March 1945, US Army medical troops take over the installation as a field hospital. American as well as German wounded soldiers are hospitalized there and treated.
July 1945 The field hospital is turned over to medical authorities of the French Army.
July 1951 The hospital reverts back to the US military as the 2nd Armored Division assumes responsibility for the Bad Kreuznach area. The installation is now called the 14th Field Hospital.
post 1951 US Army constructs additional buildings in Hospital Kaserne.
1951-52 The kaserne was constructed with DM funds to be able to supply and support all units located in the Bad Kreuznach Military Sub-Post. For some 20 years it did not have a name but was referred to as "Sub-Post" or "R&U and QM Area."
mid-1970s The facility was renamed Marshall Kaserne in honor of general and statesman George C. Marshall (1880-1959).
Aug 1951 Construction of the kaserne was begun. The facility was completed in 1953.
30 May 1953 The facility was named after Technical Sergeant Fourth Class Ameth Anderson, a WWII hero.
1953-54 Anderson Barracks is home of the 17th Armored Engineer Bn (2nd Armd Div).
1954-91 Anderson Barracks is home of the 12th Engr Bn (8th Inf Div).

  Service Station next to Dependent Housing in Bad Kreuznach, 1954

(Source: Installation Management Command, Europe Region website)

Short History of Dexheim Anderson Baracks

  • Anderson Barracks, Dexheim was established in 1951.
  • Missile Station (Nike Site) was built 2 years later.
  • During the following years several Facilities were added.
  • In 1953 the 17th Engineer Battalion moved to Dexheim.
  • In 1957 the 17th Engineer Battalion was replaced by the 12th Engineer Battalion.
  • The 123rd Maintenance Battalion came after the 12th Engineer Battalion.
  • In 1983 the Dexheim Missile Site was deactivated.
  • This Facility was later used as a Storage area.
  • During the same year, 1983, the Health Clinic was built.
  • In 1984/85 the Patriot Site (up on Hill) changed it's function. New Troop Billets, HQ Building and Motor pool with workshops was built.
  • Between the years 1987/89 the Elementary School has been upgraded and enlarged.
  • During the same years the townhouses, Building No 6400 to 6417 were constructed.
  • During 1988 to 1990 the new Commissary was built.

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