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European Command
Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

History (1947-1952)

Organizational Charts

Exercise Harvest
Exercise Rainbow

Special Services Div

Small Arms Competiton
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Frankfurt am Main (1947-1948)

The I.G. Farben Building, home of HQ European Command

Gate 1, Headquarters Compound, 1940s

Unidentified gate, Headquarters Compound, 1940s

Offices of Chief Quartermaster and Chief Engineer, HQ EUCOM, Lurgi Haus

Dental Clinic, Headquarters Compound

Holzhausen Schule, Headquarters Compound

Medical Clinic, Hoechst, 1940s

(Source: Stars & Stripes, European edition, September 1947)
1,749 Troops in Frankfurt parade for Gen. Bradley


follow link to view photos and read the article from the Stars & Stripes archives

Heidelberg (1948-1952)

HQ EUCOM set up its command post at Grossdeutschland
Kaserne in Heidelberg in early 1948 (Webmaster's collection)

HQ EUCOM Command Building, 1951

33rd Army Band during a review held at Campbell Barracks in 1950 (Signal Corps)
The image of the 33rd Army Band (above) is a screen capture taken from the Signal Corps moving pictures (111-ADC-8323) available on the National Archives wesite.

To view the entire video, click here.

Small Arms Competition

1. 1948

2. 1949
EUCOM Engineer Div

3. 1950

Organizational Charts, EUCOM

EUCOM - 1 January 1950

EUCOM - 31 December 1950

EUCOM - 1 January 1952

Field & Command Post Exercises
Exercise Harvest
(Source: European Command Joint Field Training Exercise, HARVEST, 1949)

Exercise Rainbow
(Source: Final Report, Exercise Rainbow, 1950)

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