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Installation Maps

1. Grafenwöhr Main Post - strip map

2. Rose Bks, Vilseck, mid-1960s

3. Rose Bks, Vilseck - strip map

4. Pond Bks, Amberg - map

5. South Camp Vilseck, 1949 map

6. East Camp (Main Post), Grafenwoehr 1950

7. Christensen Bks, Bindlach

Grafenwoehr Training Area (wikimapia)

Hohenfels Main Post (Camp Nainhof) (wikimapia)


Topographical map of Bayreuth and surrounding area. Probably around the 1970s.

1. Christensen Barracks
2. Röhrensee Kaserne

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Bayreuth Topo

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Main Post, possibly 1960s (Webmaster's collection)

This is NOT your father's Graf - USACE transformation project at Grafenwoehr (US Army)
(check out more photos and information on the Efficient Basing-Grafenwoehr initiative on Flickr)

Grafenwoehr Army Airfield, winter (Mike Smith)

1. Grafenwöhr Post, prob 1960s

2. Main Gate, prob 1950s

Grafenwöhr, prob late 1950s

4. Secondary gate

5. Grafenwöhr AAF, 1961

6. Silhouette

7. Grafenwöhr postcard early 1970s

8. Camp Algiers, 1979


Impact Area "A" from Bleidorn Tower, 2012 (George Cabral)

9. Bleidorn sign

10. Old Belidorn tower

11. Old and new towers


Rose Barracks, Vilseck, recent (Mike Smith)


Hohenfels Training Area, recent (Mike Smith)

102nd Inf Regt (43rd Inf Div) at Hohenfels, early 1950s (Webmaster's collection)

One of the billet areas at Hohenfels Training Area, c. 1960 (John Slattery)

One of the billet areas (Camp Albertshof?) at Hohenfels, c. 1961

1. Hohenfels Training Area
2. Camp Nainhof (?), Hohenfels Training Area
3. Hohenfels AAF

4. Camp Albersthof, Hohenfels 1980s

Pond Bks


Pond Barracks and Dependent Housing, Amberg, late 1950s

Aerial of Pond Barracks, Amberg 1982 (Dan Mathews)

Aerial of Pond Barracks, Amberg 1982 (Dan Mathews)

Aerial of Pond Barracks, Amberg 1982 (Dan Mathews)

1. Track park, 1982

2. Pond Barracks, 1966

3. Artillery Park, Pond Barracks, 1966
4. Pond Barracks, 1994

5. Pond Barracks, 1995 6. Pond Barracks, 1995 7. Pond Barracks, 1995

8. Pond Barracks, 1995

9. Pond Barracks, 1995

10. Konversion, 1995

11. Pond Bks at the beginning of the Konversion, 1995

Amberg Airstrip

Amberg airstrip, 1959 (Webmaster's collection)


Former Bayreuth Sub-Post (Röhrensee Kaserne) (Bing)

1. Main Gate, Christensen Bks, Bindlach

2. M-48 enters Christensen Bks, Bindlach

3. Audie Murphy visits border near Hof

4. Christensen Bks, late 1950s

5. Christensen Bks, 1955


A. Metzer Kaserne

B. Metzer Kaserne

Weiden airstrip used by the 15th Constab Sq, 1952 (Jason Darrow) ()

Border Camps      

1. Camp Gates, Brand, 1966

2. Camp Reed, Rötz, 1980

3. Camp Reed, 2002


Grafenwoehr MTA 100th Anniv

Sunset at Graf (George Cabral, 1st Armd Div, 1970s)

(Source: Photo provided by Earl Tanner, Dragoon Base)

Night fire at Graf
Bayreuth Kasernes

You know, we called it Sub Post, also named Röhrensee Kaserne in Bayreuth. I was able to find out the original name...
Hans Schemm Kaserne was the name until the end of the war. Schemm was killed before the war started in a plane crash. I'm sure you know of him, or you can do a search. He was top Nazi in Bayreuth before he died.
There was also another Kaserne in Bayreuth by another name, that was demolished in the early 1970's or late 1960's... in Bayreuth, not far from the other one.
Earl Tanner
How Battery, 1st Sqdn, 2nd Armd Cav Regt, Bayreuth 1970-1972

Post Fire Stations - Bindlach (Bayreuth)

Army fire truck crew with station NCOIC, 1950s (Benno Knorr)

An exercise or the real thing? (Benno Knorr)
Can anyone provide any information on the fire station at Bindlach which probably also served the sup-post in Bayreuth? (Contact webmaster)

1. Bindlach Fire Station

2. Bindlach Fire Station

3. Bindlach Fire Station

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