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Installation Maps

1. Gen Lucius D. Clay, 1985

2. Truman Plaza, Clay Hqs and Turner Bks, 1985

3. McNair Barracks, 1985

4. Andrews Barracks, 1985

5. Roosevelt Barracks, 1985

6. USAH Berlin, 1985

6. Von Steuben Compound, 1985

8. Tempelhof Central Airport, 1981


Map of the American Sector of Berlin. The map was included in the Nov 25 1945 edition of Parade Rest, the 309th Inf Regt newspaper. This was one of the first editions of the newpsaper in Berlin after the 309th had been deployed from Hessen to take over the former 505th Prcht Regt sector in Berlin.

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American Sector in Berlin
and Facilities


Map of the American Sector of Berlin. The map was included in the "Information for New Arrivals" booklet prepared by Headquarters, Berlin District, in July 1946.

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American Sector in Berlin
and Facilities


Map of the US Installations in Berlin. The map shows relative location of all major installations (with exception of Roosevelt Barracks and Tempelhof Central Airport) in the US Sector in the 1980s. UPDATED!

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US Installations in Berlin

NOTE: I plan to post extracts from the "Troop Units" section of the telephone directories sometime in the near future - if I see that there is any interest.

1. US Forces Berlin Telephone Directory, 1 October 1945

2. Berlin Telephone Directory, 1 February 1947

3. Berlin Telephone Directory, 1 April 1949

4. Berlin Telephone Directory, 1 July 1950

5. Berlin Telephone Directory, 1 November 1952

6. Berlin Telephone Directory, 20 May 1954

7. Berlin Command Telephone Directory, 1 December 1956

8. Berlin Command Telephone Directory, 27 December 1961

9. Berlin Command Telephone Directory, 1 October 1979

10. Berlin Command Telephone Directory, 1 October 1981

11. Berlin Command Telephone Directory, 1 September 1985

NOTE: I plan to post extracts from the command, unit and community newspapers sometime in the near future - if I see that there is any interest.
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The Berlin Sentinel / The Grooper - Some of the issues published while in Germany

1. The Berlin Sentinel, 13 Oct 1945

2. The Grooper, 24 Nov 1945

3. Berlin Observer, 24 Dec 1953

  Vol. 1, No. 1 Berlin missing
Oct 5, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 2 Berlin
Oct 13, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 3 Berlin
Oct 20, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 4 Berlin
Oct 27, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 5 Berlin
Nov 1945 Vol. 1, No. 6 - 16 (1) Berlin missing
Nov 17, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 17 Berlin
Nov 24, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 18 Berlin
Dec 1, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 19 Berlin
Dec 8, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 20 Berlin
Dec 15, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 21 Berlin missing
Dec 22, 1945 Vol. 1, No. 22 Berlin
Jan 5, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 1 Berlin missing
Jan 12, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 2 Berlin
Jan 19, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 3 Berlin
Jan 26 - Feb 9, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 4 - 6 Berlin missing
Feb 16, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 7 Berlin
Feb 23 - Mar 23, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 8 - 12 Berlin missing
Mar 30, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 13 Berlin
Apr 6, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 14 Berlin
Apr 13 - May 17, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 15 - 20 Berlin missing
May 24, 1946 Vol. 2, No. 21 Berlin
May 31, 1946 - Vol. 2, 22 - Berlin missing all subsequent issues
(1) The numbering of the issues seems to be incorrect.

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Berlin Kasernes


1. 1st SGT of 3rd Bn, 16th Inf stands in front of entrance to Hqs building

2. Formation of MPs enter OMGUS compound
MP unit in photo is probably the 822nd MP Company

3. Horse Platoon at Hq OMGUS

4. 3rd Bn, 16th Inf honor guard stands in front of Hq OMGUS building

5. OMGUS Compound, 1945

6. Entrance to Russian sector, 1945


McNair Bks


Former McNair Barracks (BING)

Aerial photo of McNair Barracks, 1961 (Webmaster's collection)

1. 7873rd Honor Guard Pltn, 1949

Oliver Bks


Former Oliver Barracks (BING)

16th Constab Sq sign at Oliver Barracks, 1940s (Webmaster's collection)

Oliver Barracks, 1940s (Webmaster's collection)

AFN Berlin


AFN Berlin building in Berlin-Dahlem, 1947 (Webmaster's collection)

Berlin Misc.


1. Berlin-Dahlem, 1950

2. Truman Hall, 1950

Truman Hall, 1950

Truman Hall, 1950

Truman Hall, 1950

6. Inside
Truman Hall, 1950

7. Inside
Truman Hall, 1950

8. Harnack House, 1950

9. Harnack House, 1950

10. Officers Club Patio

11. Argentinische Allee, 1956

Argentinische Allee, 1956


13. TAB and Columbia House with Memorial

14. Airlift Memorial, 1956

15. Berlin Airlift Memorial


16. American WACs and German women, 1945

17. American WACs in Berlin 1945

18. Wannsee Rec Cen, 1989


19. Truman Hall Shopping Center, 1948


Tempelhof Airfield


Tempelhof Airfield, 1950 (Webmaster's collection)

Aerial view of Tempelhof Airfield, June 1945 (Webmaster's collection)

A C-97 Stratofreighter lands at Tempelhof during the Berlin Airlift
(Webmaster's collection)

1. Arrival of VIPs at Tempelhof Airfield, possibly late 1945

2. Tempelhof Airfield, same view, 2004

3. Activity at Tempelhof Airfield, possibly 1947


4. Tempelhof AB, 1946

5. Tempelhof AB, 1946


6. Red Cross Club, 1940s

7. Transient Billets, 1940s


Tempelhof Airfield layout 1946 (Webmaster's collection)

Tempelhof Airfield Terminal, 1946 (Webmaster's collection)

Tempelhof Airfield Operations, 1940s (Webmaster's collection)

VE-Day ceremony at Tempelhof Airfield, 1946 (Webmaster's collection)

Tempelhof Airfield Snack Bar, 1946 (Webmaster's collection)





USMCA Berlin (APO 09742) - Histories, Misc. Information

Berlin District

Original Berlin District Patch

District Patch

Berlin Brigade
(Source: "The Story of Berlin Brigade", US Army, Berlin Pam 870-2, 1981.)
"The Story of Berlin Brigade" is a training and public infomation pamphlet first published in the fall of 1975. Its immediate intent was to provide historically oriented material for newly assigned personnel attending the Berlin Brigade's School of Standards.

The "Story" is not a formal unit history, and source references have been intentionally ommited. As its "870" designation implies, however, factual accuracy has been maintained to the greatest extent possible, consistent with the aim of compressing the complex events of 35 years into brief, narrative form.

Click on the thumbnail to view the contents.

Checkpoint Charlie
(Source: "Checkpoint Charlie ", US Army, Berlin Pam 870-1, 1980.)
"Checkpoint Charlie" is a training and public information pamphlet meant to provide a brief, factual account of Checkpoint CHARLIE in historical context. As with the other pamphlet mentioned above (Pam 870-2), the objective of this pamphlet was to provide an historical perspective of this cold war symbol in a way to support the peacetime mission of the Berlin Command and allow the newly assigned soldier to better understand current events (in 1980).

Click on the thumbnail to view the contents.

Checkpoint Alpha

Sketch map, Berlin-Helmstedt Autobahn 1961

Berlin-Helmstedt Autobahn Mileage Chart, 1961

A military policeman gives instructions to a woman who's about to drive
the stretch of the autobahn through East German territory between
Helmstedt and Berlin, 1961 (Stars & Stripes)
Allied Check Point Helmstedt, "Checkpoint Alpha", 1950s.

"Checkpoint Alpha", several years later.

(Source: Email from Bill Moran)
7783rd Ordnance Service Company

Special Order No. 30, 6 Sep 1949 (during the Berlin Airlift).

Click on the thumbnail to view the contents.

After going to school at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland I was made an instructor there. I didn't like it so ask to be put in pipeline and went to Berlin on one of the last planes in the Airlift. I was assigned to the 7783rd Ord Svc Co.

In 1950 the Ordnance unit was reduced from a Company to a Detachment and then sent to Paris. I transferred to the APO; my buddy Billington transferred to the MPs.

Someone needs to find more info on the 7783 Ordnance. I seem to find NOTHING. It would be nice to hear from some of the guys. We had such a great time in that outfit. Hard work but a lot of fun. Several went with me to the APO and those in the 759th MP Bn kinda lost contact. Billington and I staid in contact. We were together when I met my future wife and he was my best man. I went to Postal School outside Frankfurt (Drake Area).

Berlin, 1951


1. 759th MPs

2. Parade on McNair Bks, 1949-50

3. Parade on McNair Bks, 1949-50

4. Post chapel, Andrews Bks
5. Bill Moran on Saargemünder-Thielplatz foot bridge close to the APO at HICOG

6. Armond Beaty (on right) and James Billington, 759th MP Bn

7. Bill Moran (2nd from left) and buddies

8. MPs of the 759th MP Bn, Berlin

9. View of the Ordnance shops in Berlin just off Potsdammer Chaussee.

10. All the units lined up at Roosevelt Barracks (about 1951) for Saturday inspections. That's right in front of the building where 7781 SCU billeted. Down to the right was where the Transportation company billeted.

Horse Platoon (759th MP Bn) - additional comments from Bill Moran

I was in the Airlift in the 7783 Ordnance and saw the horse platoon in many parades at McNair. I think this took place in 1950 because the Constab (in Berlin) was broken up in 1950 and parts went to the Infantry and parts went to the MPs. 

A brief article in the STARS & STRIPES indicates that the Horse Platoon, 16th Constab Sq was transferred to the 759th MP Bn when the 16th was disbanded.

(Source: Office of Medical History, OTSG/MEDCOM Historical Program)
In the Books and Documents section of this official web site of the Army Medical Corps is a unit history of the 279th Station Hospital while stationed in Berlin immediately after the end of WWII:

279th Station Hospital Report of Operations for 8 May 1945 to 30 September 1945

279th Station Hospital Report of Operations for 1 October 1945 to 31 December 1945

(Source: Stars & Stripes, European edition, Tuesday, June 29, 1948)
100-plane food fleet arrives for Berliners (article)

By Joe Fleming, S&S Staff Correspondent
(Source: Stars & Stripes, European edition, Tuesday, July 24, 1948)
Berlin: Life under the cold siege (article)

By Joe Fleming, S&S Staff Correspondent

(Source: Military Engineer, Jul-Aug 1960)
Flugplatz Tempelhof

By Herbert J. Call

article will be added soon

(Source: Stars & Stripes, European edition, September 1961)
Soviet convoy at Checkpoint Charlie

By Gus Schuettler, S&S

follow link to view photos and read the article from the Stars & Stripes archives

(Source: Stars & Stripes, European edition, September 1961)
Divided city

By Gus Schuettler, S&S

follow link to view photos and read the article from the Stars & Stripes archives

(Source: Stars & Stripes, European edition, September 1961)
2nd BG Honor Guard

By Bob Milnes, S&S

follow link to view great photos from the Stars & Stripes archives

(Source: Stars & Stripes, European edition, Tuesday, May 3, 1963)
A boy's life at Checkpoint Charlie, 1963

By James Gunter, S&S Berlin Bureau

follow link to view photos and read the article from the Stars & Stripes archives

(Source: Stars & Stripes, European edition, June 11, 1982)
President Ronald Reagan in Berlin, 1982

First lady Nancy Reagan, U.S. Ambassador Arthur Burns and West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt applaud as President Reagan pauses during a speech to 20,000 people who were invited to a garden party at Charlottenburg Castle. During his three-hour stop in Berlin, Reagan challenged the Soviet Bloc to "think of your own coming generations. Do the Soviet leaders want to be remembered for a prison wall ... with barbed wire and armed guards whose weapons are aimed at innocent civilians — their own civilians?"
follow link to view photos and read articles from the Stars & Stripes archives

(Source: Stars & Stripes, European edition, Saturday, June 23, 1990)
Checkpoint becomes page in history

By Ken Clauson, S&S Bremerhaven bureau

follow link to view photos and read the article from the Stars & Stripes archives

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