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Seventh Army
US Army, Europe

Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me.

Troop Lists
V CORPS - Assigned Units
322nd Signal Bn (Corps) Frankfurt
332nd Engr Co (TOPO) (Corps) Frankfurt  
294th Trans Co (Car) Frankfurt  
V CORPS - Attached Units
1st Infantry Division Leighton Bks, Würzburg
42nd Inf Scout Dog Plat  
30th FA Bn (155mm Towed)  
516th FA Btry (SLT)  
  1st CIC Det  
  2nd Armored Division Rose Bks, Bad Kreuznach  
  520th CIC Det  
  4th Infantry Division Drake Ksn, Frankfurt  
  4th CIC Det  
  14th Armored Cavalry Regiment Downs Bks, Fulda  
  501st Armd Med Co  
  84th Army Band  
  19th Armor Group Gibbs Bks, Frankfurt  
  141st Tk Bn (120mm Gun) Fliegerhorst Ksn, Hanau  
  322nd Tk Bn (120mm Gun) Camp Clarke, Hammelburg  
  510th Tk Bn (120mm Gun) Sullivan Bks, Mannheim  
  373rd Armd Inf Bn Camp Wildflecken, Wildflecken  
  33rd Inf Scout Dog Plat Camp Wildflecken, Wildflecken  
30th Field Artillery Gp
452nd Armd FA Bn
465th FA Bn
816th FA Bn
36th Field Artillery Gp Babenhausen Ksn, Babenhausen
18th FA Bn Babenhausen Ksn, Babenhausen
517th FA Bn Büdingen
519th FA Bn Babenhausen Ksn, Babenhausen
593rd FA Bn Babenhausen Ksn, Babenhausen
594th FA Bn
597th FA Bn Hanau
142nd Field Artillery Gp Peden Barracks, Wertheim
194th FA Bn Peden Barracks, Wertheim
393rd FA Bn Harvey Barracks, Kitzingen
631st Armd FA Bn Camp Clarke, Hammelburg
756th FA Bn Würzburg
529th Field Artillery Bn (Obsn)
36th Medical Bn (Sep)
915th Med Co (Amb) (Sep)
933rd Med Co (Amb) (Sep)
37th Engineer Gp (C)
5th Engr Bn (C)
18th Engr Bn (C)
35th Engr Bn (C)
317th Engr Bn (C)
1279th Engr Bn (C)
143rd Engr Co (Float Brg)
373rd Engr Co (Panel Brg)
807th Engr Co (Lt Equip)
38th Transportation Bn (Trk)
7th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
34th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
35th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
51st Trans Co (Lt Trk)
594th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
VII CORPS - Assigned Units
321st Signal Bn (Corps) Stuttgart
66th Engr Co (TOPO) (Corps) Stuttgart  
29th Trans Co (Car) Stuttgart  
VII CORPS - Attached Units
5th Infantry Division Augsburg
35th Inf Scout Dog Plat  
201st Armd FA Bn  
  5th CIC Det  
  9th Infantry Division Cooke Bks, Göppingen  
34th Inf Scout Dog Plat  
  9th CIC Det  
  2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment Merrell Barracks, Nürnberg  
  371st Armd Inf Bn  
  3rd Armd Med Co  
  82nd Army Band  
  6th Armored Cavalry Regiment Mansfield Bks, Straubing  
  74th Armd FA Bn  
  370th Armd Inf Bn  
  502nd Armd Med Co  
  83rd Army Band  
18th Field Artillery Gp Bleidorn Ksn, Ansbach
70th FA Bn
426th FA Bn
690th FA Bn
793rd FA Bn
887th FA Bn
979th FA Bn
35th Field Artillery Gp Schwäbisch Gmünd
272nd FA Bn  
330th FA Bn  
567th FA Bn  
599th FA Bn  
733rd Med Det
211th Medical Bn (Sep)
8th Med Co (Amb) (Sep)
651st Med Co (Amb) (Sep)
516th Med Co (Clr) (Sep)
115th Engineer Gp (C)
54th Engr Bn (C)
485th Engr Bn (C)
38th Engr Bn (Panel Brg)
93rd Engr Co (Float Brg)
503rd Engr Co (Lt Equip)
574th Med Det
411th Transportation Bn (Trk)
39th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
109th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
385th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
518th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
596th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
328th Trans Co (Hcptr)
138th Trans Det (Cargo) (Hcptr Fld Maint)
Seventh Army Troops
47th Ordnance Group
71st Ord Bn
8th Ord Co (Dir Spt)
22nd Ord Co (Dir Spt)
537th Ord Co (Dir Spt)
546th Ord Co (Dir Autmv Spt)
334th Ord Co (Depot)
348th Ord Det (Ballistics Tech Svc)
80th Ord Bn
6th Ord Co (Dir Spt)
18th Ord Co (Dir Spt)
152nd Ord Det (IFC Rep)
531st Ord Co (Dir Spt)
151st Ord Det (IFC Rep)
569th Ord Co (Dir Autmv Spt)
77th Ord Co (Depot)
82nd Ord Det (Tech Intel)
12th Lbr Supv Co
8902nd Labor Svc Ord DAS Co
85th Ord Bn
10th Ord Co (Dir Spt)
14th Ord Co (Dir Spt)
150th Ord Det (IFC Rep)
48th Ord Co (Dir Spt)
557th Ord Co (Dir Spt)
15th Ord Co (Dir Autmv Spt)
42nd Ord Co (Dir Autmv Spt)
33rd Ord Co (Depot)
51st Ordnance Group
8th Ord Bn
88th Ord Co (Hv Maint)
517th Ord Co (Hv Maint)
507th Ord Co (Hv Autmv Maint)    
881st Ord Co (Hv Autmv Maint)
19th Ord Bn
40th Ord Co (Depot)
63rd Ord Co (Depot)
78th Ord Co (Depot)
978th Ord Co (Depot)
558th Ord Co (Arty-Veh Park)    
7th Army (Arty-Veh Park)
38th Ord Bn
357th Ord Co (Hv Maint)
504th Ord Co (Hv Autmv Maint)
903rd Ord Co (Hv Autmv Maint)
460th Ord Co (Recovery)    
735th Med Det
734th Med Det
57th Ordnance Group (Ammo)
82nd Ord Bn (Ammo)
Rhine Army Depot
50th Ord Co (Ammo)
60th Ord Co (Ammo)
7th Army Ammo Sup Pt #4
2nd Ord Expl Dispo Sq
3rd Ord Expl Dispo Sq
20th Ord Expl Dispo Sq
46th Labor Supv Co
7418th Labor Svc Ord Co (Ammo)
48th Labor Supv Co
2040th Labor Svc Ord Co (Ammo)
2041st Labor Svc Ord Co (Ammo)
8903rd Labor Svc Ord Plat (Ammo Renov)
8th Ord Bn
443rd Ord Co (Ammo)
7th Army Ammo Sup Pt #1
7th Army Ammo Sup Pt #2
7th Army Ammo Sup Pt #3
10th Transportation Group (Hwy Trans)
27th Trans Bn (Trk)
10th Trans Co (Med Trk) (S-P)
24th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
63rd Trans Co (Lt Trk)
100th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
544th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
590th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
29th Trans Bn (Trk)
12th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
96th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
547th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
598th Trans Co (Lt Trk)
62nd Trans Co (Med Trk) (S-P)
757th Med Det
2nd Quartermaster Group
14th QM Bn
214th QM Co (Bakery) (Mbl)    
526th QM Co (Svc)    
15th QM Bn
22nd QM Co (Subs Sup)
462nd QM Co (Ldry)
520th QM Co (POL Sup) (Mbl)
562nd QM Det (Svc)    
35th QM Bn (Mbl)
512th QM Co (Bakery) (Mbl)    
531st QM Co (POL Sup) (Mbl)    
556th QM Co (Subs Sup)    
56th QM Bn
311th QM Co (Graves Reg)    
317th QM Co (Rclm Maint)    
436th QM Co (Bath) (Mbl)    
516th QM Det (Bath) (Mbl)    
517th QM Det (Bath) (Mbl)    
520th QM Det (Bath) (Mbl)    
471st QM Co (Salv)    
525th QM Co (Svc)    
1st Chemical Bn
7th CML Co (Depot)    
7th CML Sup Pt #1
7th CML Sup Pt #2
12th CML Co (Main)
451st Chemical Bn (Smoke Genr)
4th CML Co (Smoke Genr)    
355th CML Co (Smoke Genr)    
379th CML Co (Smoke Genr)    
411th CML Co (Smoke Genr)    
31st Medical Gp
5th Surg Hosp (Mbl) (Army)
31st Surg Hosp (Mbl) (Army)
7th Evac Hosp
379th Evac Hosp
101st Med Bn (Sep)
95th Med Co (Amb) (Sep)
151st Med Co (Amb) (Sep)
557th Med Co (Amb) (Sep)
507th Med Co (Coll) (Sep)
517th Med Co (Clr) (Sep)
547th Med Co (Clr) (Sep)
53rd Med Det (Hcptr Amb)
8044th Labor Svc Med
8066th Labor Svc Med Det
95th Medical Gp
4th Surg Hosp (Mbl) (Army)
32nd Surg Hosp (Mbl) (Army)
351st Surg Hosp (Mbl) (Army)
8th Evac Hosp
15th Evac Hosp
399th Evac Hosp
56th Med Bn (Sep)
184th Med Co (Coll) (Sep)
546th Med Co (Clr) (Sep)
556th Med Co (Amb) (Sep)
926th Med Co (Amb) (Sep)
8043rd Labor Svc Med (Coll)
8064th Labor Svc Med Det
8061st Labor Svc Med Det
301st Signal Gp
39th Sig Bn (Spt)
595th Sig Co (Spt)
596th Sig Co (Spt)
176th Sig Co (Rep)
545th Sig Co (Depot)
7th Army Sig Depot #1
7th Army Sig Depot #2
40th Sig Bn (Const)
97th Sig Bn (Opn)
732nd Met Det
175th Military Police Bn (Less CID)
532nd Military Intelligence Bn [1] Patch Bks, Vaihingen NOTE: Assigned to USAREUR; attached to Seventh Army
309th Mil Intel Co Nürnberg
526th Mil Intel Co Frankfurt
313th Mil Intel Pltn Munich
316th Mil Intel Pltn Kassel
317th Mil Intel Pltn Regensburg
501st Mil Intel Pltn Bayreuth
529th Mil Intel Pltn Fulda
5th Strategic Intel Det
766th Dental Svc Det
7767th Tank Training Center
  Seventh Army Engineers
11th Engineer Gp (C)  
109th Engr Bn (C)
547th Engr Bn (C)
139th Engr Co (Float Brg)
552nd Engr Co (Pontoon Brg)
773rd Engr Co (Panel Brg)
346th Engr Co (Lt Equip)
555th Engineer Gp (C)  
1402nd Engr Bn (C)
307th Engr Co (Panel Brg)
317th Engr Co (Pontoon Brg)
11th Labor Supv Co
403rd Engineer Gp (Maint & Sup)  
53rd Engr Co (Sup Point)
7th Army Engr Sup Pt #3
7th Army Engr Sup Pt #4
738th Engr Co (Sup Point)
7th Army Engr Sup Pt #1
7th Army Engr Sup Pt #2
355th Engr Co (Depot)
7th Army Engr Depot
587th Engr Co (Fld Maint)
964th Engr Co (Fld Maint)
966th Engr Co (Fld Maint)
533rd Engr Co (Air Photo Repro)
24th Engr Plat (Map Depot)
511th Engr Co (Panel Brg)
524th Engr Co (TOPO) (Corps)
116th Labor Supv Center
6960th Labor Svc Bn (DUKW)
8062nd Labor Svc Engr Co (DUKW)
8540th Labor Svc Engr Co (DUKW)
8541st Labor Svc Engr Co (DUKW)
8542nd Labor Svc Engr Co (DUKW)
8591st Labor Svc Engr Co (Float Brg)
8592nd Labor Svc Engr Co (Float Brg)
8594th Labor Svc Engr Co (Float Brg)
  Seventh Army Artillery
34th AAA Brigade  
1st AAA Gp
7th AAA Bn (AW) (Mbl)
27th AAA Bn (AW) (Mbl)
62nd AAA Bn (AW) (SP)
45nd AAA Bn (Gun 90mm)
67nd AAA Bn (Gun 90mm)
95nd AAA Bn (Gun 90mm)
302nd AAA Det (Opn)
8th AAA Gp
5th AAA Bn (AW) (Mbl)
443rd AAA Bn (AW) (SP)
40th AAA Bn (Gun 90mm)
63rd AAA Bn (Gun 90mm)
509th AAA Det (Opn)
12th AAA Gp
91st AAA Bn (AW) (Mbl)
73rd AAA Bn (AW) (SP)
25th AAA Bn (Gun 90mm)
552nd AAA Bn (Gun 90mm)
505th AAA Det (Opn)
7th Army Electronic Maint School (Prov)
504th AAA Det (Opn)
42nd Field Artillery Gp  
59th FA Bn (280mm Gun)
264th FA Bn (280mm Gun)
265th FA Bn (280mm Gun)
867th FA Bn (280mm Gun)
868th FA Bn (280mm Gun)
  Seventh Army Special Troops
Hq Co, Seventh Army  
85th Trans Co (Car)    
7th AG Army Band    
11th MRU    
36th MRU    
12th Mil Hist Det    
19th Med Det    
30th Army Postal Unit    
78th Fin Disb Sec    
427th CIC Det    
500th Engr Det (Util)    
  Seventh Army Detached Troops
2nd Evac Hosp  
7th QM Group    
14th Fin Disb Sec    
17th Fin Disb Sec    
38th Fin Disb Sec    
39th Fin Disb Sec    
42nd Fin Disb Sec    
49th AAA Det (RCAT)    
53rd AAA Det (RCAT)    
45th QM Co (Clo & Gen Sup Depot)    
327th QM Bn    
347th Repl Bn    
412th Repl Co    
524th Repl Co    
831st Repl Co    
509th QM Co (POL Depot)    
522nd QM Co (Subs Depot)    
542nd Psychiatric Det    
CID, 175th MP Bn    
Additional Sources:
[1] Map 9, US ARMY BORDER OPERATIONS IN GERMANY 1945-1983, by WILLIAM E. STACY, Headquarters US Army, Europe and 7th Army, 1984.