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The "U.S. Army in Germany, 1945-1989" website was initiated in 2002 to serve as a resource center for unit histories, photos, personal recollections and other related information pertaining to the United States Army's presence in Germany and the rest of Europe from the immediate post-WWII period to the end of the Cold War in Europe.

I have been doing research on the history of U.S. Army, Europe (USAREUR) for more than thirty years and have chosen to use the Web as a means for contributing - in a small way - to the study of the history of USAREUR. In addition, a significant part of the materials presented have been contributed by former members of units assigned or attached to USAREUR over the years or by others who share the same interest in the history of USAREUR.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information posted on the website, I cannot accept liability for errors or omissions.

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing the materials on this site. Corrections, suggestions, comments and submissions of additional matrials are ALWAYS WELCOME!
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Jan 6, 2020

Posted an email submitted by Marvin Jackson, 560th Signal Battalion, SETAF, with the exact location of the Yankee Relay station in northern Italy (560th Sig Bn Page, Signal section); and another former 560th Sig Bn member: Chester Bennett, Vicenza, late 1960s; Bill Panknin, 504th Maintenance Company, Bamberg, early 1970s (71st Maint Bn Page, Ordnance section); Dale Whitaker, BOC, 6th Missile Battalion, 60th Artillery, Grafenwoehr, late 1960s (69th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense).

Added some photos submitted by Willie Fong, Battery B, 1st Target Acquisition Battalion, 26th Artillery, Darmstadt, early 1970s on the Darmstadt Page (Kaserne section) and on the V Corps Artillery Page (Corps section).

Jan 17, 2020 Posted several emails: from Randy Rapp, 94th Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy) in Darmstadt, late 1970s (94th Engr Bn Page, Engineer section); James O'Brien, MP Platoon, 2nd General Hospital, Landstuhl, late 1960s (USAH Landstuhl Page, Army Hospitals sub-menu, Medical section); James Ebbenga, Flight Operations, Company B, 8th Aviation Battalion, Finthen, mid-1970s (8th Avn Bn Page, Army Aviation).

Added several photos and an article: 295th Aviaton Company's first months in Germany from the ARMY AVIATION DIGEST, November 1976 (11th Avn Bn Page, Army Aviation section); Artillery Kaserne, Garmisch before WWII from my collection (Garmisch Page, Kaserne section); Ernst Ludwig Kaserne, Darmstadt before WWII from my collection (Darmstadt Page).

As I dig deeper into the history of each of the US Army kasernes in Germany from 1945 to 1991, I am adding a "Request for Assistance" section to the respective garrison pages (Kaserne section).

The purpose is to seek assistance from our readers in answering questions or providing additional information on various topics and submitting photos or maps.

To start this off, I have added requests for Ernst Ludwig Kaserne in Darmstadt and Peden Barracks, Wertheim. These requests will be updated and new ones added as I make progress in my research efforts.
Jan 30, 2020

Posted several articles: 4th Armored Division arrival in Germany as part of Operation GYROSCOPE (4th Armd Div Page, Divisions section); in 1958 several streets and the airfield at Cooke Barracks, Göppingen, were named and dedicated in honor of former members of the 4th Armd Div (Göppingen Page, Kaserne section); also added a graphic that shows the DUI's of the 260mm Artillery Battalions that served in Germanyin the 1950s. Will add a similar graphic for those 280mm gun battalions that served in the late 1950s-early 1960s soon. (Overview Page, Field Artillery section).

Added several emails: Frank Gallagher with a photo of the train crew of the Mozart train in Austria, around 1950 (Duty Trains, Overview Page, Transportation section); Freddie Johnson with additional comments on Mystery Photo #62 (Mystery Photo Page); Dale Coenen, 2nd General Hospital at Landstuhl, early 1970s (USAH Landstuhl Page, Army Hospitals sub-menu, Medical section); Rafael Gonzales, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Military Intelligence Battalion, late 1970s - early 1980s (2nd MI Bn Page, Military Intelligence); Ben Harris, 24h Aviation Battalion, Oberschleissheim, mid-1960s (24th Avn Bn Page, Army Aviation section).

Mar 6, 2020

Posted several articles: 56th Medical Battalion, Schwäbisch Hall, 1952 (30th Med Gp Page, Medical section); Formation of the 7th Medical Brigade under COSTAR II, 1965 (7th Med Bde Page, Medical section); Pre-WWII brochure for the Schloss Hotel in Heidelberg (Heidelberg Page, Kaserne section); List of APO Numbers (world-wide) showing the original 1-3 digit format and the corresponding, new 5-digit APO numbers (adapted to the ZIP Code system in the US) introduced in 1965 (Postal Units Page, Adjutant General section).

Added several emails: Mark Peck, 68th Transportation Company, Mannheim, late 1970s (24th Trans Bn Page, Transportation section); Larry Blaha, D Battery, 6th Battalion, 59th Artillery, at Finthen Airfield, mid-1960s (10th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense); Ralph Frankieiwvz, Aviation Company, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment at Hoppstädten, early 1960s (Hoppstädten Army Airfield Page, Army Airfields & Heliports sub-menu, Army Aviation); Richard Walter, E Company, 703rd Maintenance Battalion, Aschaffenburg, late 1970s (Page 3, 3rd Inf Div, Divisions section).

Posted some photos of Tempelhof Airfield in the 1940s (Berlin Page, Kaserne section); 544th Transportation Truck Company, Badenerhof Kaserne, Heilbronn early 1950s (27th Trans Bn Page, Transportation section); and Lee Barracks, Mainz-Gonsenheim in the 1950s (Mainz Page); 393rd Field Artillery Battalion, Kitzingen, mid-1950s (142nd FA Gp Page, Field Artillery section). Have also resolved two of the Mystery photos: Photo #64 and Photo #66 (Mystery Photo Page).

Mar 31, 2020

Posted several emails: a follow up email from Jose A. Garcia, 6th Missile Battalion, 61st Artillery, early 1960s (69th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense); Armando Granado, 2nd Battalion, 37th Field Artillery, Bad Kissingen, mid-1960s (35th FA Gp Page, Field Artillery section); Roger Quillings, 699th Maintenance Company, Hanau, mid-1980s (85th Ord/Maint Bn Page, Ordnance section); Paul Klinko, 545th Military Police Platoon, Stuttgart, late 1970s (Stuttgart AAF Page, Army Airfield & Heliport sub-menu, Army Aviation section).

Added information on: the Grafenwoehr GCA, 1964 (Grafenwoehr AAF Page, Army Airfields & Heliports sub-menu, Army Aviation section); a graphic showing the home station 'interchanges' (swaps) of divisions and armored cavalry regiments during Operation GYROSCOPE in the 1950s (Gyroscope Movements Page, 7th Army section); information on the first year after the 24th Infantry Division was reactivated in Germany when it was initially configured as a "composite" division (24th Inf Div Page, Divisions section).

Posted photos of the 77th Ordnance Company (Heavy Automotive Maintenance) at Sandhofen, 1958 (81st Ord Bn Page, Ordnance); an aerial photo of Vogelweh Housing Area, Kaiserslautern, 1960s (Kaiserslautern Page, Kaserne section); a firing range at Baumholder Training Area mid-1950s (Baumholder Page); and, finally, I also added two new Mystery photos: #67 and #68, both from the 1950s or early 1960s (Mystery Photo Page).

Apr 23, 2020

Posted information on the Administration Company, Medical Battalion, Suppy & Transportation Battalion and Maintenance Battalion for the following divisions in the mid-1960s: 3rd Infantry Division (Page 3, 3rd Inf Div, Divisions section); 8th Infantry Division (Page 3, 8th Inf Div); and 24th Infantry Division (Page 3, 24th Inf Div). (Corresponding information for 3rd and 4th Armored Divisions will be added soon.)

Also added: a YouTube video on the US Army's MOBIDIC mobile computer in 1959 (7th Army Logistics Page, 7th Army section); information on the planning for the Defense Communications System (DCS) in the early 1970s (DCS Page, Signal Corps Overview, Signal section).

Apr 30, 2020

Similar to the updates on April 23, I have posted information on the Administration Company, Medical Battalion, Suppy & Transportation Battalion and Maintenance Battalion for the following divisions in the mid-1960s: 3rd Armored Division (Page 3, 3rd Armd Div) and 4th Armored Division (Page 3, 4th Armd Div).

In addition, I have added information on the following units: 28th Base Post Office in Frankfurt, 1954 (Postal Units Page, Adjutant General section); 502nd Replacement Company, 2nd Armd Div, Bad Kreuznach, 1950s (Page 3, 2nd Armd Div, Divisions section); Kaiserslautern Movement Control Office, an element of Company D, 8th Transportation Group, 1953 (8th Trans Gp Page, Transportation section); 37th Transportation Motor Transport Command at Mannheim in 1955 (37th Trans Gp Page, Transportation section).

May 24, 2020

Posted a detailed map of the US Army facilities in Vienna, 1946 (Vienna Page, Camp Directory menu, HQ USFA section).

Added photos: a 280mm cannon artillery unit providing a demonstration of the atomic cannon at the German Artillery School in Idar Oberstein, 1950s (Overview Page, Field Artillery section); photos of Rose Barracks, Bad Kreuznach, 1971, subitted by Mac Bentley (Bad Kreuznach Page, Kaserne section); and a photo from 1970 submitted by Frank Taylor that shows the shacks used by Customs MPs and the German Zoll at the back gate of Carl Schurz Kaserne in Bremerhaven (42nd MP Gp Page, Military Police section); a wonderful photo of the Schumann Theater, a.k.a. Crossroads PX, in 1955 (AFEES-Eur Page).

Some information: on the Transportation Section of the Heidelberg Military Post in 1952 (Heidelberg Page, Kaserne section); the complete issue of the December 24, 1953 issue of the BERLIN OBSERVER (Berlin Page); an article on the Army Exchange Service gas station in Bremerhaven, 1946 (Bremerhaven Page, Kaserne section); some details on the role of the 3rd Replacement Depot (Forward) at the Staging Area, 1946 (Bremerhaven Page).

And several emails: George Sparks, 534th Field Artillery Battalion, Bad Kissingen, mid-1950s (72nd FA Gp/Bde Page, Field Artillery); a follow up from Phil Konitshek, Installation & Maintenance Team, 4th Signal Group, Mannheim, late 1950s (4th Sig Gp Page, Signal Corps section); Mark Seyler, 56 (Olpherts) Special Weapons Battery, 39 Heavy Regiment (RA), Sennelager, Germany (570th USAAG, SASCOM Page, Ordnance section); Marty Kennedy, 583rd Ordnance Company, Münster-Handorf, late 1960s (570th USAAG, SASCOM Page).

  This website will continue to undergo many changes as I keep adding information (maps, photos, histories of military communities, kasernes, units and personal recollections) and experiment with formats, resolutions, etc.