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The "U.S. Army in Germany, 1945-1989" website was initiated in 2002 to serve as a resource center for unit histories, photos, personal recollections and other related information pertaining to the United States Army's presence in Germany and the rest of Europe from the immediate post-WWII period to the end of the Cold War in Europe.

I have been doing research on the history of U.S. Army, Europe (USAREUR) for more than thirty years and have chosen to use the Web as a means for contributing - in a small way - to the study of the history of USAREUR. In addition, a significant part of the materials presented have been contributed by former members of units assigned or attached to USAREUR over the years or by others who share the same interest in the history of USAREUR.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information posted on the website, I cannot accept liability for errors or omissions.

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing the materials on this site. Corrections, suggestions, comments and submissions of additional matrials are ALWAYS WELCOME!
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Oct 1, 2021

Added information, articles on various topics: An ITT report on the European Tropospheric-Army System, 1968 (Overview Page, Signal section); an ITT report on the European Command and Control Console System, 1965 (Overview Page, Signal section); the formal opening of the Kaiserslautern Cold Stores in 1959 (Cold Stores Page, USAREUR QM Market section); an organization chart for the European Exchange System in 1974, just before it was redesignated as AAFES-Eur and a Price List, unknown date (AAFES-EUROPE Page); July 1955 Anniversary Issue of HELL ON WHEELS - the 2nd Armored Division newspaper (2nd Armd Div Page, Divisions section).

Nov 5, 2021

Posted information on the reactivation of the 56th Field Artillery Brigade as the 56th Artillery Command scheduled for November 8, 2021. The reactivation ceremony will he held on Allen Field, Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden starting at 1 PM.


As many have noticed and commented on in the recent past, I have not been posting new information, histories or photos in the past months at the same rate as previous years. Just want to assure my readers, this is not an indication that I am slowing down or losing interest!

For the past months I have been concentrating on several larger research projects for the website as well as my book. During this time I have had to minimize the number of postings to allow me to stay focused on these important projects.

In the next few months, I plan to get caught up on the information and photos submitted by so many of the readers in the past months as well adding some of the historical records and photos I have collected through my recent research efforts.

Nov 22, 2021

Recent emails: Charles "Freddie" Johnson, AG Support Center, early 1970s (Publications Branch Page, Adjutant General section); Peter Duston, HQ 507th USASA Group in Heilbronn, late 1950s (Army Security Agency Page); Rick Crosson whose father, Early C. Crosson, served at the signal station in Coltano, Italy, late 1960s (509th Sig Bn Page, Signal section); Donald Halverson, 3747th US Army Reserve School, Frankfurt (7th Army Reserve Command Page, Seventh Army section); Thomas Hussey, 83rd Transportation Company, Kaiserslautern, mid-1970s (53rd Trans Bn Page, Transportation section); Donald Halverson, 3747th US Army Reserve School, Frankfurt, mid-1970s (7th Army Reserve Comd Page, 7th Army section); Robert Webb, Hq & A Company, 71st Maintenance Battalion, Zirndorf, mid-1960s (71st Maint Bn Page, Ordnance section); Thomas Noreen, former CO of the 69th Signal Battalion, mid-1990s, Würzburg (69th Signal Bn Page, Signal section).

Also posted information on several topics: Organization and role of the Defense Subsistence Region, Europe, Zweibrücken in the mid-1980s (DLA-Europe Page, Logistics section); Organization chart and directory of Key Personnel, Seventh Army, July 1966 (7th Army Page); Letter of Instructions, formation of the Seventh Army Support Command, 1957 (Seventh Army Support Command Page, Support Command section); a copy of the 313th Support Center (RAOC) Annual Historical Review for 1989, as well as information on the US Army Reserve School System in USAREUR and the first commander/first general officer of 7th ARCOM (BG Richard J. Dirgins) (7th Army Reserve Cmd Page); Peter Bullen, 604 Signal Troop, 8 Transport Regiment RLC (UK), worked with 570th US Army Artillery Group at Handorf, Germany, early 1970s (570th USAAG Page, Ordnance section).

Jan 24, 2022

Recent emails: Marcus Hall, son of Dale Hall who served with Detachment 3, 7th Weater Squadron (USAF) at Heidelberg Army Airfield in the early 1960s (Heidelberg AAF Page, Army Aviation section); Tony Diaz, served with the 181st Signal Company in Heidelberg, where he was responsible for providing High Frequency Radio and Teletype service on the Mobile Command Post (a.k.a. CINC's train), in the mid-1980s (Overvew Page, Transportation Corps section); William Murphy, 317th Engineer Battalion, McNair Kaserne in Hoechst, early 1960s (317th Engr Bn Page, Engineer section); Jim McKane, AFN Frankfurt and Headquarters, AFN-Europe in Frankfurt, late 1980s - early 1990s (AFN-Europe Page).

Also posted information/photos on several topics: Linde Stadium American Red Cross Club, a special publication issued by ARC on the 2nd Anniversary of the facility in 1947, submitted by Don Patterson, and Stein Castle, Press Camp for the war crimes trials in Nürnberg and Nürnberg Officers and Civilians Club until 1953 (both on the Nürnberg Page, Kaserne section); the 1977 Annual Historical Report for the 139th AG Postal Company in Stuttgart (Postal Units Page, Adjutant General section); the 1977 AHR for the 228th AG Postal Company in Frankfurt (Postal Units Page); photos of the 94th Constabulary Squadron, 11th Constabulary Regiment, at Weiden, and the 11th Constabulary Regiment Horse Platoon along the German-Czech border from the William S. Biddle collection at AHEC (2nd Con Bde Page, US Constabulary section); the TASCOM (Supply) Computer System used to support Materiel Command Europe (MATCOMEUR), the Corps Support Command Management System used by the COSCOMs and 1st Support Brigade in the 1970s, as well as the Division Logistic System developed for division-level asset management - all three on the Data Processing Units Page (Adjutant General section); AID article regarding the EUCOM Medical Reconditioning Center at Garmisch, 1951 (Munich Army Hospital Page, Medical section).

Two book projects that I have mentioned in the past are now completed:
"U.S. GO HOME" by David and Jean Egan. This book is a history of the US military presence in France between 1945 and 1967.
"The BIG PICTURE, The Cold War on the Small Screen" by John Lemza. This book has been published by the University Press of Kansas.

Feb 28, 2022

Posted information/photos on several topics: a few items for the SETAF Page - installation maps for Camp Passalacqua, Verona (1965); Camp Darby, Livorno (1965); Caserma Ederle, Vicenza (1986); Tirennia Recreation Area (Pisa) (1965); Lake Garda Recreation Area (Verona) (1965); Annual Historical Summaries for the 528th US Army Artillery Group in Turkey - 1963; 1984 & HHD, 528th USAAG 1984 (528th USAAG Page, 59th Ord Bde, Ordnance section); Annual Historical Summary for the 570th US Army Artillery Group in Germany, 1978 (570th USAAG Page, 59th Ord Bde); and, lastly, information published by the US Army Artillery and Missile School at Fort Sill, Okla., regarding Communications Systems of the Field Artillery Group and Corps Artillery Headquarters in the late 1950s (Overview Page, Field Artillery section).

April 18, 2022

Posted information/photos on the following topics: USAREUR up-gunning program for field artillery in the 1980s (Overview Page, Field Artillery section); a map of the Berchtesgaden Recreation Area in the late 1940s (the oldest one I have found so far) and a nice aerial photo of the Koenigsee Rest Center from the 1940s (Garmisch Page, Kaserne section); 16th Data Processing Unit Annual Historical Summary, Calendar Year 1975 (VII COSCOM Page, Corps section).

Also added several emails: James Henderson, Special Weapons Platoon, 54th Engineer Combat Battalion, Wildflecken, late 1960s (54th Engr Bn Page, Engineer section); Dennis Odlum, 2nd Battalion, 15th Infantry, Wildflecken, mid-1970s (Page 2, 3rd Infantry Division, Infantry section); Daniel Gallagher, 68th Army Postal Unit, Aschaffenburg, early 1950s (Postal Units Page, Adjutant General section); Graeme Watson, VII COSCOM Data Processing Company, Boeblingen, late 1960s (VII COSCOM Page, Corps section); Paul Kornberger, 293rd Engineer Construction Battalion, Baumholder, late 1960s (293rd Engr Bn, Engineers).

June 25, 2022

Posted information/photos on the following topics: a pictorial chronology of the Grafenwoehr Training Area from 1910 to 2009 that was published in the Summer 2010 edition of the TRAINING JOURNAL (7th Army Training Center Page, 7th Army section); Master schedule for maneuver units training at the USAREUR training areas, Fiscal Year 1985 (7th Army Training Center Page); a brief history of the Hohenfels Training Area (7th Army Training Center Page); an Information Booklet for Camp des Loges Post, Saint-Germain-en-Lye, France for newcomers to Headquarters, U.S. European Command in the mid-1950s (USEUCOM Page); some historical information on the Joint Intelligence Center at Headquarters, US European Command, Vaihingen, late 1980s (USEUCOM Page); also added three issues (1 April and 1 June 1960, found at the Army Heritage & Education Center and 14 September 1956, submitted by Yves Lubrano, France) of the ORLEANS ITEM, the weekly newspaper of the Orleans Area Command (HQ COMZEUR Page, COMZEUR section); the September 26, 1952 issue of THE CHRONICLE (Frankfurt Military Post) from my collections (Frankfurt Page, Kaserne section); and lastly a copy of the Baumholder Military Community 'OPEN HOUSE 1980' pamphlet (Baumholder Page).

July 31, 2022

Posted information/photos on the following topics: additional Class A unit photos submitted by Everette Coppock: 17th Data Processing Unit from 1996/97 (Special Troops Battalion, 3rd SUPCOM Page); B Btry, 2nd Bn, 81st FA, Idar Oberstein from 1977 (Page 2, 8th Inf Div section); C Co, 2nd Bn, 33rd Arm, Kitzingen from 1962 (4th Armor Gp Page, Armored Cavalry section); and HHT, 1st Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavary Regiment, Bindlach from 1986 (2nd ACR Page, Armored Cavalry section); Bremerhaven Quartermaster Cold Stores, 1960 (Quartermaster Market Center Page, Quartermaster section); a copy of the special 32nd Artillery Brigade booklet published on the occasion of the NATO Mobility Demonstration held in Frankfurt in May 1964 (32nd AADCOM Page, Air Defense section).

Also added some emails: Ken DeBold, 360th Signal Battalion, Bremerhaven, mid-1960s (360th Sig Bn Page, Signal Corps section); Rick Bresett, 509th Signal Battalion, Livorno, Italy, mid-1980s (509th Sig Bn Page, Signal section); Pazi Steklo, 56th Signal Company, 509th Sig Bn, Livorno, late 1980s (509th Sig Bn Page); Tom Richmond, 28th US Army Field Artillery Detachment, 559th USAAG Page, Italy, mid-1970s (559th USAAG Page); Lynn Rich, Relay Morgan, Edenkoben, early 1970s (11th AD Sig Bn Page, Signal); Rick Bublitz, 636th Ordnance Company (EOD), Site 59 (Clausen) submitted some additional information that I added to his original post (84th Ord Bn Page, Ordnance section); Patrick Rielly, an MP with the K-9 Detachment at Site 59 in Clausen, mid-1970s (84th Ord Bn Page).

  This website will continue to undergo many changes as I keep adding information (maps, photos, histories of military communities, kasernes, units and personal recollections) and experiment with formats, resolutions, etc.