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The "U.S. Army in Germany, 1945-1989" website was initiated in 2002 to serve as a resource center for unit histories, photos, personal recollections and other related information pertaining to the United States Army's presence in Germany and the rest of Europe from the immediate post-WWII period to the end of the Cold War in Europe.

I have been doing research on the history of U.S. Army, Europe (USAREUR) for more than thirty years and have chosen to use the Web as a means for contributing - in a small way - to the study of the history of USAREUR. In addition, a significant part of the materials presented have been contributed by former members of units assigned or attached to USAREUR over the years or by others who share the same interest in the history of USAREUR.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information posted on the website, I cannot accept liability for errors or omissions.

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing the materials on this site. Corrections, suggestions, comments and submissions of additional matrials are ALWAYS WELCOME!
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Jan 6, 2018

Posted more photos from various sources: photos submitted by Scott Van Ness who served with 4th Battalion, 64th Armor at Ready Barracks, Aschaffenburg in the mid-1970s (Aschaffenburg Page, Kaserne section); two wonderful aerial photos (1986 & 1991) of Francois Kaserne submitted by Thomas Feuerhahn whose grandfather, Ernst Barthel, was the Bürgermeister of Hanau-Wolfgang until 1972 (Hanau Page); from my personal collection: the Vogelweh Shopping Center in Kaiserslautern in the 1950s (Kaiserslautern Page); the Vogelweh Bachelor Offices Quarters in 1960 (Kaiserslautern Page); the Hainerberg Shopping Center in Wiesbaden in the late 1950s (Wiesbaden Page).

Added some emails: from Seymore "Sam" Samuels, former commanding officer of the 557th Quartermaster Air Delivery Company at Nahbollenbach Army Depot in the late 1960s (St. Andre QM Depot Page, Army Depots section); Manfred Rihlmann, Germany, ID'ed some of the NATO officers shown in several photos on the HQ AFCENT Page.

Finally, I added more details to the Exchange System timeline (AAFES Europe Page).

Jan 10, 2018

Posted additional photos: Haunstetten Army Airfield near Augsburg (Haunstetten AAF Page), Army Airfields & Heliports sub-menu, Army Aviation section); entrance to Johnson Barracks in Fürth, 1957; entrance to Merrell Barracks, Nürnberg in 1957 (Nürnberg Page); and back entrance to the Hohenfels Training Area in 1957, submitted by John Ackerman (Grafenwöhr Page, Kaserne section).

Added some emails: Ed Farmer who served with a detachment of the 513th Military Intelligence Group in Munich in the late 1960s (513th MI Gp Page); Robert Quillen provided additional information on the 61st Aviation Maintenance Company in the 1980s (501st Avn Bn Page) and on the CH-34 CHOCTAW helicopters (Overview Page, Army Aviation).

I found some information on Mystery Photos #42A and #42B (Mystery Photos Page).

Jan 25, 2018

Added some emails: Boyd Silver who designed the 11th Transportation Company (Light Helicopter) pocket patch in the mid-1960s (8th Trans Gp Page, Army Aviation section); John Ackerman, served with the 8th Reconnaissance Company and 3rd Squadron, 8th Cavalry at Merrell Barracks, Nürnberg and Coleman Barracks, Mannheim-Sandhofen in the 1960s (8th Inf Div Page, Division section); Craig Carpenter, served with Bremerhaven MEDDAC in the early 1980s (Bremerhaven Army Hospital Page, Army Hospitals sub-menu, Medical section); Mike Gentry, served with 3rd Battalion, 35th Field Artillery in Wertheim in the mid-1960s (72nd FA Gp Page, Field Artillery section).

Feb 4, 2018

Posted an email from Gary L. Estler who served with the Signal Operations Platoon, HHC, 1st Signal Battalion at Kaiserslauern in the early 1970s (1st Sig Bn Page, Signal section).

Also posted the Dec 5-11 1959 issue of the "This Week in Berchtesgaden," an events and services guide for military personnel and authorized civilians visting Berchtesgaden (Garmisch Page, Kaserne section).

Feb 18, 2018

Posted a few emails: a correction on the location of one of the photos in the 3rd Squadron, 8th Cavalry section (8th Inf Div Page, Kaserne section) submitted by Gert Scheuermann from Germany; Timothy Hoffman who served with the 498th Engineer Battalion in Leipheim in the mid-1950s (498th Engr Bn Page, Engineers); Michael M. Toler, served with HHC, 3rd Brigade, 1st Armd Div and two other units under 3rd Bde (1st Bn, 54th Inf (M) and 1st Bn, 52nd Inf (M)) in Bamberg in the 1970s (Page 2, 1st Armd Div).

Also added some photos: 93rd Engineer Company (Float Bridge) in Leipheim, mid-1950s, submitted by Dave Pearson (540th Engr Gp Page); 124th General Hospital/57th Field Hospital at Camp Truscott, Salzburg in the 1946-1948 time frame from my collection (Medical Page, USFA section).

Feb 23, 2018

Posted some interesting photos of the Bremerhaven Staging Area (Carl Schurz Kaserne) from 1946 submitted by Amy Miles whose father, Paul J. Tuemler, served with the 796th Military Police Battalion in Vienna, Austria. Paul was redeployed to the US via Bremerhaven in 1946 (Bremerhaven Page, Kaserne section).

Mar 4, 2018

Posted some photos: 52nd Military Police Detachment (Criminal Investigation) in the mid-1960s, submitted by James Fitzpatrick whose father, Ed Fitzpatrick, served in CID units in Regensburg and Stuttgart in the 1950s and 1960s (2nd Region CID Page, Military Police section); 557th Quartermaster Company (Aerial Supply), early 1950s, submitted by Gerard Dupczak (US Army Aerial Support Center Page, Quartermaster section).

Mar 12, 2018

Posted some photos from my collection: Maj Gen Ernest Harmon, commanding general of the US Constabulary, makes a farewell visit to Schweinfurt and the 27th Constabulary Squadron in April 1947, shortly before returning to the US for a new assignment (3rd Constab Page, US Constabulary section).

Mar 13, 2018

Posted some photos submitted by Kevin Westburg whose father, Frank Westburg, served with the 334th Ordnance Company (Depot) at Illesheim Ordnance Depot in the mid-1950s (71st Ord Bn Page, Ordnance section).

Mar 23, 2018

Posted some photos submitted by Amy Miles, daughter of Paul J. Tuemler who served with the 796th Military Police Battalion at Stiftskaserne in Vienna, Austria, 1946 (Vienna Page, Camp Directory, USFA section).

Mar 26, 2018

Posted several emails: Jack Kilpatrick, HHC, 78th Engineer Battalion at Ettlingen in the early 1970s (78th Engr Bn Page, Engineer section); Ulrich Vogel who idenifies the location in Berchtesgaden where Mystery Photo #54 was taken (Mystery Photo Page); Willard Schoenberger, served at Site 046 (Savona/Finale Ligure) in Italy in the early 1970s (Savona link, 509th Sig Bn Page, Signal section); Don Haywood, Aviation Company at Soldier's Field and Feucht Army Airfield, Nürnberg (Soldier's Field Page, Army Airfields & Heliports sub-menu Army Aviation).

Apr 3, 2018

Posted four issues of the Heidelberg Military Community/Post newspaper from early 1947 submitted by Janice Tennant whose grandfather, Harry C. Fisher, served in Germany during the late 1940s (Heidelberg Page, Kaserne section). Jan has sent me quite a few items from her grandfather's collection that will be scanned and posted on the website in the next couple of weeks.

Also added two photos of Bad Nauheim from my collection that show the location of various US Army facilities in the 1950s (Frankfurt Page).

Apr 5, 2018

Added a new Mystery Photo (#61) to the Mystery Photo Page. The US Consulate General in Frankfurt is doing historical research on the former US Army hospital plant that it now occupies. Of special interest is a frieze that is located at the main inside entrance of the consulate. They are trying to determine if it was part of the original construction of the German Luftwaffe Lazarett in the 1930s.

Apr 16, 2018

Added several photos: Nahbollenbach Quartermater Depot, 1950s (Nahbollenbach Depot Page, Army Depot section); Strassburg Kaserne, Idar Oberstein, 1950s (Baumholder Page, Kaserne section); Munich Military Post headquarters building, 1940s (before MMP being moved to McGraw Kaserne ) (Munich Page); HQ European Command at Command Post Kaserne (Grossdeutschland Kaserne) in Heidelberg, late 1940s (after moving to Heidelberg from Frankfurt, early 1948) (HQ EUCOM Page).

Also posted copies of the Christmas Menus for 1956 and 1957 (include unit rosters) of the 30th Transportation Company (Army Aircraft Maintenance) submitted by Dick Neuman, a member of the unit in the mid-1950s (41st Trans Bn (AAM) Page, Army Aviation).

Apr 21, 2018

Added 3 articles from the USAREUR Medical Bulletin on the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt in the 1960s (Frankfurt / FARMC Page, Army Hospitals sub-menu, Medical section).

Posted a "Research Request" on the HQ CENTAG Page. I have come across a crest (distinctive unit insignia) that was obviously worn by elements of the Centra Army Group during the Cold War but have no details. Can anyone identify the crest?

Apr 27, 2018

Posted several emails: from Vincent Singer who served with the US Army Element, HQ AFCENT and was stationed at Hornisgrinde, one of the CIP-67 stations in the late 1970s/early 1980s (NATO Central Region Communications, Overview Page, Signal Corps section); Mark May, HHB 10th Artillery Group (Air Defense) in Munich and then Darmstadt, early 1960s (10th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense); Werner Lehmann, HQ 35th Artillery Group, Bamberg, mid 1960s (35th FA Gp Page, Field Artillery).

Apr 28, 2018

Posted a series of photos of Camp Dachau from the 1947-48 time frame (Munich Page, Kaserne section). Photos were submitted by Janice Tennant whose grandfather, Lt Col Harry Fisher, served at Dachau during that period. (Much more will be added from the Harry C. Fisher collection soon.)

Apr 29, 2018

Posted of photos of Kreuzberg Kaserne from the late 1960s submitted by Dennis Curless (Zweibrücken Page, Kaserne section).

Added links to two YouTube videos: one video produced by Walter Saka who served with the 8th Supply & Transport Battalion in Bad Kreuznach in the mid-1960s (Bad Kreuznach Page); the other a 5-part series produced by AFN Frankfurt in the early 1990s that presents some history of the IG Farben Building (a.k.a. Abrams Building) (Frankfurt Page).

Also added two mystery photos (#62) to the Mystery Photo Page. Looking for help in idenifying the dependent housing area shown in the two photos.

May 9, 2018

Posted some photos submitted by William Black who served with 2nd Battalion, 51st Infantry at Ford Barracks, Ulm in the early 1950s (Ulm & Neu Ulm Page, Kaserne section).

Added several emails: from Karl Reynolds, served with the 54th Signal Company in Vicenza, Italy in the early 1980s (509th Sig Bn Page, Signal section); Gary Magruder, Army dependent who lived in Landshut in the late 1950s/early 1960s (Regensburg Page, Kaserne section); Bill McDaniel, 342nd Transportation Company at Turley Barracks, Mannheim in the early 1960s (181st Trans Bn Page, Transportation).

Also received several responses for Mystery Photo #62 (Mystery Photo Page).

Finally, moved the What's New and Guestbook buttons to the top of the Main Menu frame for easier access.

May 30, 2018

Posted historical information on the Army Security Agency, Europe in 1945/1946 and ASA-Europe in 1950/1951 (ASA-Europe page).

June 5, 2018

Posted several emails: from Larry Jackson who served at the Coltano Signal Station in Italy in the late 1960s (509th Sig Bn Page, Signal section); Ricky Pendergraff, HHC, 565th Engineer Battalion in the late 1970s/early 1980s (565th Engr Bn Page, Engineers); John Clandillon-Baker, Britain, a member of the USN P22 charitable trust is looking for surviving members of the Rhine River Patrol (US Navy) - both American and German crews of the river patrol vessels, to assist in their efforts of documenting the history of the PR's - with PR22 in particular (Rhine River Patrol Page, US Navy Europe section).

Also added several photos of Camp King, Oberursel in 1967 submitted by Ralph Wilson (Frankfurt Page, Kaserne).

June 19, 2018

Posted several emails: from Chris Peck with an update about his father, Michael Peck, who served with 3rd Battalion, 6th ACR in Regensburg (6th Armd Cav Regt Page, Armored-Cavalry section); Mike Condon, 2nd Battalion, 66th Armor at Illesheim, early 1960s (4th Armd Div Page, Divisions); Steve Kohn, with a detachment of the 39th Signal Battalion in Soest, Germany, late 1970s (39th Sig Bn Page, Signal).

Added a Mystery Photo #63 to the Mystery Page - photo shows an L-19 BIRD DOG on a field surrounded by tanks and armored personnel carriers at an unknow location (probably a kaserne).

Also added a short YouTube video released by AFN Europe in 2016 - it shows Americans and Germans of the Kaiserslautern community placing flowers and small American flags at the graves of American children who are buried at the Kaiserslautern cemetery.

June 23, 2018

Already have an answer to Mystery Photo #63 (Mystery Page) submitted by Al Sutherland.

Posted several emails: from Jim McKinney who served with the Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center near Kaiserslautern in the late 1970s/early 1980s (Landstuhl Army Hospital Page, Army Hospitals sub-menu, Medical section); Dan Cole, assigned to a platoon from Company B, 108th Military Intelligence Battalion that was stationed at Coleman Barracks, Sandhofen in the early 1980s (8th Inf Div Page, Divisions section); John Thomas Files, son of Manley Frederic Files who served with the 558th Ordnance M.A.M. Company, Will Kaserne, Munich in the early 1950s (81st Ord Bn Page, Ordnance).

Also added some photos and information: 3rd Battalion, 37th Armor at Conn Barracks, Schweinfurt (4th Armd Div Page, Divisions section); unit history information on the 558th Ordnance Company found at the Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA (81st Ord Bn Page).

July 9, 2018

Posted an email from Susan LoAlbo, daughter of Alfred Salvino LoAlbo who served at Trois Fontaines Ordnance Depot in the mid-1950s (Trois Fontaines Ord Depot Page, Ordnance).

Also added some photos deom my personal collection: Baseball field behind the Main PX at Frankfurt in 1958 (Frankfurt Page, Kaserne section); the US Army bus terminal at the main train station in Heidelberg, around 1950 (Heidelberg Page); former Kimbro Barracks in Murnau sometime after the return of the post to the German Government (Bad Tölz Page).

July 11, 2018

Posted an installation map for Faulenberg Kaserne in Würzburg (Würzburg Page, Kaserne section). Need assistance in identifying where on the kaserne various units and activities were located in the 1970s-1990s (or earlier), such as HQ USMCA/417th BSB, DEH, DOL, CMC, etc.

July 23, 2018

Posted several emails: from Maurice Andrews who served with 6th Battalion, 10th Field Artillery (later redesigated as 4th Bn, 14th FA) at Warner Barracks, Bamberg in the late 1980s (72nd FA Gp/Bde Page, Field Artillery section); Donna Van Dorn - Libbey, 124th Maintenance Company in Böblingen, mid-1970s (1st Maint Bn Page, Odnance section); Dave Hopkins, 583rd Ordnance Company at Handorf, northern Germany, mid-1970s (570th USAAG Page, 59th Ord Bde, Ordnance); Kenneth Love with the DSB of 2nd Battalion, 62nd ADA at Spangdahlem Air Base in the mid-1980s (108th ADA Bde Page, Air Defense).

Also posted some additional photos from my collection and sent in by others: 44th Field Artillery Battalion, 4th Inf Div at Rivers Barracks, Giessen, in the early 1950s (Page 2, 4th Inf Div, Divisions); Denton Aylor, additional photos added to his original post on the Minnesota Terminal Site, Company A, 1st Signal Battalion, Einkorn (1st Sig Bn Page, Signal section); arrival of the first contingent of 4th Inf Div in Germany, May 1951 (4th Inf Div Page, Divisions); group photo of Headquarters & Headquarters Battery, 10th Artillery Group in Munich,1962 submitted by Mark May (10th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense).

And I added a short article on the Consolidated Maintenance Center at Würzburg in 1986 (Regional Support Element Page, 2nd SUPCOM, VII Corps section).

July 24, 2018

Posted some more emails: from Michael Gay who served with HHC, 15th Ordnance Battalion in Darmstadt, mid-1970s (15th Ord Bn Page, Ordnance section); Wayne Hays with the Schwäbisch Gmünd Finance Section in the mid-1970s (Göppingen Page, Kaserne); Charles Brocksmith, 34th Transportation Company at Worms then moved to Böblingen, mid-1960s (38th Trans Bn Page, Transportation).

Aug 4, 2018

Added some information on various units: the USAREUR Medical Training Center at Degerndorf in the early 1950s (US Army Technical Schools Germany Page); 223rd Ordnance Detachment (GMDS) in Hanau in the early 1960s (10th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense); 2nd Air Postal Squadron at Rhein-Main Air Base in 1952 - the squadron handled, among other responsibilities, all intransit mail for the European Command (Postal Units Page, Adjutant General section); 527th Transportation Company (Car) at Kelley Barracks, Möhringen, early 1980s (VII Corps Page, Corps section); Signal Field Maintenance Shop at W.O. Darby Kaserne, Nürnberg in the mid-1960s (Equipment Maintence Group Page, Area Command section).

Also posted an email from Jim Riley who served with Company B, 11th AD Signal Battalion in Würzburg in the early 1970s (11th AD Sig Bn Page, Air Defense).

Aug 28, 2018

Added some photos from various collections: Strassburg Kaserne, Idar-Oberstein, 1980 and H.D. Smith Barracks, Baumholder, 1980 from my collection (Baumholder Page, Kaserne section); Saran Major Signal Relay Station at Orleans, France in 1962 submitted by Gary Imhoff (4th Sig Gp Page, Signal section); McNair Kaserne, Hoechst, in the mid-1960s submitted by Garry Terrell, whose father served with the 32nd Signal Battalion (32nd Sig Bn Page, Signal).

Also posted the final issue of the HAC POST (March 25 1958), the newspaper of the Headquarters Area Command that was merged into the Northern Area Command in 1958 (Heidelberg Page).

Aug 29, 2018

Added two articles: on the Kassel-Bremen Decimeter link operated by the 3112th Signal Service Battalion in 1946-47 (1940s Chapter, Overview Page, Signal Corps section); the Cherbourg Cablehead in 1946 (7774th Sig Bn Page).

Sep 6, 2018

Added an email from Paul Zale who served with the 26th Base Post Office in Munich in the late 1950s (US Army Postal Group Page, Adjutant General section).

Sep 14, 2018

Posted several emails: from Milton Honeywell who served with Headquarters & Headquarters Company of the 237th Engineer Battalion in Heilbronn in the early 1960s (237th Engr Bn Page, Engineer section); John Welch, Detachment "C," 503rd Aviation Battalion in Frankfurt, early 1970s (503rd Avn Bn Page, Army Aviation); John Fontaine, with the 259th Personnel Services Company in Bamberg, late 1980s (Pers Svc Units Page, Adjutant General section); Ken Holden, "C" Battery, 6th Missile Battalion, 59th Artillery (HAWK) at Butzbach in the early 1960s (10th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense section).

In addition, Benno Knorr sent some photos and information on US Army fire stations in and around Baumholder (Baumholder Page, Kaserne section); group photos of Company "E," 102nd Infantry Regiment, 43rd Inf Div from 1952 submitted by Sheila Beaudry (43rd Inf Div Page, Divisions).

Oct 1, 2018

Added several articles from the SACOM SCENE, the Southern Area Command newspaper between 1954-1964: fixed-wing air evacuation service at US Army Hospital Munich in 1958 (USAH Munich Page, Army Hospitals sub-menu, Medical section); Stuttgart Sub-Area Ordnance Shops at Wallace Barracks in 1958 (Southern Area Command chapter, Area Command Page); AFN-Munich Station, 1958, on occasion of the station's 30th anniversary (AFN-Europe Page); and two articles on the USAREUR Quartermaster School in Lenggries - Dog Training Department at the USAREUR Quartermaster School in Lenggries, 1958 and Food Courses Section, 1957 (USAREUR School Command Page).

Oct 27, 2018

Just returned from a two and a half week vacation in Germany and Italy. Will respond to the many emails received in the last several weeks in the next few days and also post some new material on the website.

Nov 2, 2018

Added an email from Tonu Kubiris who served with the AUTODIN Unit of Data Support Command, TAGO, at the Pentagon in the mid-1960s (AUTODIN 1960s, Overview Page, Signal section).

Also posted photos from two collections: Farge POL Depot near Bremen in the 1950s (Farge QM Depot Page, Quartermaster section) from my personal collection; 7th Army Combined Arms School at Vilseck, Germany in 1959 submitted by Rita McKenzie, daughter of M/Sgt Glen Jannusch who served with the 7A CAS in that time frame (7th Army Training Center Page, 7th Army section).

Nov 8, 2018

Added information on several topics: 90th Transportation Company, H-37 MOJAVE, at Schleissheim, 1962 (8th Trans Bn Page, Army Aviation section); 661st Transportation Company, at Schleissheim, a new type of Army aviation maintenance unit, 1962 (205th Trans Bn Page); Munich Medical Service Area in 1962 (USAH Munich Page, Army Hospitals sub-menu, Medical section); EUCOM Finance School at Friedberg in the 1950s (USAREUR School Page).

Also posted some photos of a HF transmitter site operated by the Third Army in the early days of the Occupation (Third Army Page).

Nov 12, 2018

Added two new Mystery Photos (#64 & #65) to the Mystery Photo Page.

Added information on several topics: 26th Base Post Office in Munich in the 1961 (US Army Postal Group Page, Adjutant General section); Grafenwoehr Army Airfield in 1961 (Grafenwoehr Page, Army Airfields sub-menu, Army Aviation).

Nov 23, 2018

Added an unofficial history of Panzer Kaserne in Böblingen that was compiled by COL David S. Jones, USA Retired) (Stuttgart Page, Kaserne section).

Nov 24, 2018

Posted a copy of the first issue (Feb 26, 1953) of the BASEC MISSION, the Base Section, Communications Zone command newspaper in France (BASEC Page, COMZEUR section).

Nov 25, 2018

Posted several emails: from William Hoevet who served with Headquarters Seventh Army Communications Command in the late 1960s (7th Sig Bde Page, Signal section); Jack Reynolds, Combat Command "C," 4th Armd Div at Crailsheim then Bamberg in the early 1960s (4th Armd Div Page, Divisions); David Spargo, 501st Transportation Company at Mannheim and then Rüsselsheim, mid-1960s (53rd Trans Bn Page, Transportation); Robert A. Harkness, with Detachment L, Company A, 319th USASA Battalion at Gartow, late 1960s (319th ASA Bn Page, ASA-Europe section).

Nov 26, 2018

Some more emails: from Lawrence T. Jones III, lived in Aschaffenburg and Mainz as an Army brat in the early 1950s (Mainz Page, Kaserne section); Rene Joyner, last site chief of the Radio Site Mönchberg, Company A, 11th AD Signal Battalion (11th AD Sig Bn Page, Air Defense); Robert M. Turner, Regional Personnel Center Fulda, mid-1970s (Fulda Page); Alan Cribb, 58th Engineer Company in Fulda, early 1960s (14th Armd Cav Regt Page, Armor-Cavalry section); Charles Allen was with the advance party for Brigade 75 in 1975 (2nd Armd Div (Fwd) Page); Larry McLerran, update on earlier post for 2nd Battalion, 16th Artillery (Page 2, 4th Armd Div).

Dec 8, 2018

Added an email from Alexander Varga who served with the 66th Artillery Detachment at Soest, Germany in the late 1960s (5th USAAG Page, 59th Ord Bde, Ordnance section).

Also posted information on the following topics: 24th Transportation Truck Battalion, Frankfurt, 1949 (24th Trans Bn Page, Transportation section); Northern Area Command Signal Service Unit in Frankfurt, early 1960s (Area Command Page); US Army Maintenance Plant, Roedelheim (Frankfurt), 1966 (Equip Maint Gp Page, US Army Area Command, Area Command section); 93rd Ordnance Light Aircraft Maintenance Company at Echterdingen (Stuttgart), early 1950s (Overview Page, Army Aviation section).

  This website will continue to undergo many changes as I keep adding information (maps, photos, histories of military communities, kasernes, units and personal recollections) and experiment with formats, resolutions, etc.