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The "U.S. Army in Germany, 1945-1989" website was initiated in 2002 to serve as a resource center for unit histories, photos, personal recollections and other related information pertaining to the United States Army's presence in Germany and the rest of Europe from the immediate post-WWII period to the end of the Cold War in Europe.

I have been doing research on the history of U.S. Army, Europe (USAREUR) for more than thirty years and have chosen to use the Web as a means for contributing - in a small way - to the study of the history of USAREUR. In addition, a significant part of the materials presented have been contributed by former members of units assigned or attached to USAREUR over the years or by others who share the same interest in the history of USAREUR.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information posted on the website, I cannot accept liability for errors or omissions.

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing the materials on this site. Corrections, suggestions, comments and submissions of additional matrials are ALWAYS WELCOME!
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Sep 3, 2020

Posted several emails: Mel Linville, who served with the 5th Maintenance Battalion, CEGE in Pirmasens in the early 1970s (CBT EQUIP GP EUR Page); Richard Gillolgy, 62nd Aviation Company (Corps) and then 5th Battalion, 158th Aviation, at Maurice Rose Army Heliport & Wiesbaden Air Base, late 1980s-early 1990s (Bonames AAF Page, Army Aviation section); Orville Grady, Team "B," 508th US Army Artillery Detachment, 570th US Army Artillery Group, Erle, Germany (5th USAAG Page, 59th Ord Bde, Ordnance section).

Added photos: the 78th Engineer (Combat) Battalion at Phillips Barracks, Karsruhe, submitted by Jerry Coombs whose father served with the battalion during the GYROSCOPE move to Germany in 1957 and beyond (78th Engr Bn Page, Engineer section); USAREUR Medical School at Degerndorf, 1953 (USAREUR School Command Page); Kimbro Barracks at Murnau and the Drop Zone at Schwaiganger submitted by Wolfgang Ott, a German civilian who lived near the US kaserne at Murnau in the 1960s and 70s (Bad Tölz Page, Kaserne section).

Sep 18, 2020

Added information on several topics: An information booklet on the Combined Arms School, at Vilseck, 1960 submitted by Rita McKensie whose father, M/Sgt Glen Jannusch, was assigned to the Communications Section of CAS (7th Army Page, 7th Army section); a copy of the "The Ship I Sailed On" infomation booklet from 1956 with images of a typical troopship voyage between the Brookly Army Terminal and Bremerhaven, Germany in the 1950s (Military Sea Transportation Page, HQ USNAVGER section); a copy of the Orientation Issue of the EAGLE'S VIEW, the 12th Aviation Group's newspaper, from 1985 (12th Avn Bde Page, Army Aviation section) - submitted by Richard Gillogly; Maintenance Department, Combined Arms Training Center (CATC), Vilseck, 1973 (7th Army Page).

Nov 10, 2020

Added information on several topics: the 25th Transportation Battalion at Göppingen which was attached to the 9th Infantry Division in the mid-1950s (9th Inf Div Page, Divisions section); 193rd Military Police Customs Company at Neu Ulm (42nd MP Gp Page, Miliary Police); the opening of a new supply port at St. Nazaire, France in 1953 (St. Nazaire, Port Operations Page, COMZEUR section); Kaiserslautern Cold Stores in 1968 (DLA-EUR Page, Logistics).

Posted several emails: Ken Lizotte, 1st Battalion, 333rd Field Artillery, Wiesbaden, mid-1970s (42nd FA Gp/Bde Page, Field Artillery section); Allen Clarke with the 41st Transportation Battalion at Finthen AAF, early 1960s (41st Trans Bn (AAM) Page, Army Aviation); Charles Kauric, C Battery, 6th Battalion, 517th Artillery (HAWK) in Butzbach, mid-1960s (10th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense).

Created a Page for Finance Support units that served in USAREUR during the Cold War (Finance section).

Posted several sets of photos: 1st Battalion, 36th Artillery, Neu Ulm mid-1960s submitted by Steve Joslin (35th FA Gp Page, Field Artillery section); Camp de Gron, St. Nazaire, France in 1956 submitted by James Edmondson whose father was stationed there in the mid-1950s (St. Nazaire, Port Operations Page).

Dec 15, 2020

New emails: Peter Byrne, Coltano Signal Station, Italy late 1960s (Coltano Page, 509th Signal Battalion, Signal section); Pete Hodges, 176th Personnel Service Company at Bremerhaven, late 1970s (Pers Svc Units Page, Adjutant General section); Ray C., 24th S&S Company in Giessen, mid-1970s (142nd S&S Bn Page, Quartermaster section).

Added historical information on various units: 4th Infantry Division bids farewell to Frankfurt with a colorful review parade in front of the Roemer, downtown Frankfurt am Main, May 1956 (4th Inf Div Page, Divisions); Wiesbaden Army Hospital, 1945-1949 (Wiesbaden Hospital Page, Medical section); Regensburg Army Hospital 1940s/early 1950s (Regensburg Hospital Page).

Also added some photos from my collection: the Air Returnee Center at the Baseler Hof Hotel, Frankfurt, in 1949 (Replacement System Page, Adjutant General section); a nice photo of the main gate at Rhein-Main Air Base, mid-1970s (Frankfurt Page, Kaserne section); Schumann PX and Snack Bar across from the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, 1949 (Frankfurt Page); two photos from Garmisch - the railroad station and the Garmisch Shopping Center, early 1950s (Garmisch Page); Bad Kreuznach Army Hospital, early 1950s (Bad Kreuznach Page).

Jan 31, 2021

New emails: Jerry Popovice, his father was the assistant manager of the Chiemsee Hotel in the early 1950s (AFRC Chiemsee, Garmisch Page, Kaserne section); Albert Dorcas, 7797th Signal Group, Hanau Signal Depot, late 1940s (Hanau Sig Depot Page, Army Depots section); Jerry Dockal, Company C, 26th Signal Battalion, Heilbronn mid-1970s (26th Sig Bn Page, Signal section); Roger Marino, Regional Personnel Center-Frankfurt, mid-1970s (Pers Svc Units Page, Adjutant General section); Jack Vines, PAL Detachment, Pirmasens, late 1960s (59th Ord Bde Page, Ordnance section).

Added historical information: 432nd Engineer Construction Battalion in Kaiserslautern, early 1950s (249th Engr Bn Page, Engineer section); Company A, 382nd Military Police Battalion in Heidelberg, 1952 (382nd MP Bn Page, Military Police section); the addition of two new hotels for use by US military and dependents in Garmisch in 1953 (Garmisch Page); Air Evacuation of patients to the US and the role of the Air Evacuation Center at the 97th General Hospital, 1950s (97th Gen Hosp Page, Medical section); also reorganized the History section on the Stuttgart and Garmisch Pages.

Also posted photos submitted by readers: Justin Halvorsen, whose father was assigned to the Transportation Motor Pool of Böblingen Sub-post, early 1950s (Stuttgart Page); Keith Eades, 295th Aviation Company (CYCLONES), Coleman Barracks, Mannheim, mid-1980s (11th Avn Bn Page and Coleman AAF Page, Army Aviation section); Garry Terrell, Camp Eschborn aerial photos from the mid-1980s (Frankfurt Page, Kaserne section); Rainer Fiechtner, photos from 1995 of several Stuttgart kasernes - Wallace Barracks; Grenadier Kaserne; Wilkin Barracks; Ludendorff Kaserne; Robinson Barracks AAFES Gas Station (Stuttgart Page); and a few photos from my collection showing the Aalen Ordnance Rebuild Shop located just north of Aalen, 1950s (51st Ord Gp Page, Ordnance).

Mar 4, 2021

Added several newspapers: two issues of THE CHRONICLE (Frankfurt garrison) - May 9 1952 and September 25 1953 (Frankfurt Page, Kaserne section); SPEARHEAD (3rd Armd Div), special anniversary issue from April 1962 (3rd Armd Div Page, Divisions Section); two issues of THE GUARDIAN (V Corps), May 1 1953 and July 24 1953 (V Corps Page, Corps section); NOTE: all of them are in PDF format and require an Adobe Acrobat viewer).

Started a Ludwigsburg Army Airfield Page in the Army Aviation section.

Also posted a request for assistance submitted by Sean Schulze in Germany. This year marks the 75th anniversary of US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes's "Speech of Hope" delivered in Stuttgart on 6 September 1946. His speech is arguably the starting point for the post-WW2 German-American partnership. The DAZ/James F. Byrnes Institute e.V. in Stuttgart is organizing the commemorative events to mark the occasion. As part of those events, they would like to include materials that illustrate the person-to-person aspects of German-American partnership, and possibly weave in locations in Stuttgart that had/have special meaning to US Forces personnel who served here over the intervening years. Click here to read more... (Stuttgart Page).
May 13, 2021

Started a separate 1st Support Brigade Page in the Support Commands section.

Posted several emails: from Klaus-Dieter Welker, Germany, expresses thanks for the kindness shown by US troops in the Rothwesten (Kassel) area for orphans in a children's home in Hessisch-Lichtenau, 1960s (Kassel Page, Kaserne section); John Hopkins, 629th Tactical Control Flight, Schwellentrup, Germany, late 1970s (Page 2 (US Units), Tactical Air Control System Section); "name withheld," 84th Ordnance Battalion, Münchweiler, late 1970s (84th Ord Bn (Ammo) Page, Ordnance section); Ray Lasher, 69th US Army Field Artillery Detachment, Menden, Germany, mid-1980s (570th USAAG Page, 59th Ord Bde, Ordnance); Martin Newville, 1st Battalion, 7th ADA (PATRIOT), Kaiserslautern, early 1990s (94th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense section); Richard Haerer, 16th Aviation Operating Detachment, Echterdingen AAF, early 1960s (59th ATC Bn Page, Army Aviation section).

Added information on several topics and units: 340th QM Parachute Packing Detachment in Sandhofen (Mannheim) (1st Spt Bde Page, Support Commands section); Air Item Maintenance Shop, Nahbollenbach QM Depot, early 1970s (Nahbollenbach Depot Page, Quartermaster section); Finthen Army Airfield, 1970 (Finthen AAF Page, Army Airfields & Heliports sub-menu, Army Aviation section); Second Region, Criminal Investigation Command in USAREUR, early 1970s (Overview Page, Military Police section); US Army Hospital Bremerhaven, late 1970s (Bremerhaven Hospital Page, Army Hospitals sub-menu, Medical section); Latvian Labor Service units assisted in construction of Rhine Engineer Depot, Kaiserslautern, early 1950s (Kaiserslautern Engineer Depot, Engineer section); recent 311th Engineer Construction Group projects in the Western Area Command, 1954 (311th Engr Const Gp Page, Engineer section); construction of a new consolidated bakery facility at the Gruenstadt AAFES Depot, 1980 (AAFES-Eur Page).

Posted photos from several collections: from the Exchange (formerly AAFES) Public Affairs Office - Seckenheim Autobahn Gas Station & Snack Bar; Headquarters European Exchange Service in Nürnberg before 1969 and in Munich after 1969; two photos of the Gruenstadt EES Depot, late 1950s; and from the Library of Congress - two photos of the Gruenstadt AAFES Depot, circa 1990 (AAFES-Eur Page); Aerial photo of the European Exchange System (EES) Depot at Katterbach (Ansbach), undated (AAFES-Eur Page); ....

On the Mystery Photo Page: received some additional input from Rainer Schmitz regarding Photos 42A and 42B, Erding Air Base, Germany.

July 31, 2021

Added some graphics: 7th Medical Command activities in Germany, mid-1980s (7th MEDCOM Page, Medical section); location of US NIKE-HERC tactical sites in 1966 and 1971 (94th ADA Gp/Bde Page, Air Defense section).

Posted several emails: from Martin Kern, HHC 308th Quartermaster Battalion, Giessen, mid-1960s (308th QM Bn Page, Quartermaster section); Roger Peterson, 547th Ordnance Company (Fld Maint), Kassel, mid-1960s (66th Maint Bn Page, Ordnance section); Daniel Van Aken, whose father was employed for 30 years at The Hague Field Office, Quartermaster Market Center (QM Market Center Page, Quartermaster section); Don Staples, 11th Engineer Combat Group, Schwetzingen, mid 1960s (11th Engr Gp Page, Engineers); Lisa Speer, with a correction on one of the 264th Field Artillery Battalion (280mm) photos (42nd FA Gp/Bde Page, Field Artillery); ....

Added information on several topics and units: several items on Brigade 75 (later designated as 2nd Armd Div FWD) (2nd AD (FWD) Page, Divisions section); CENTAG HQ Support Command, Heidelberg, 1960s (CENTAG Page); also, was finally able to track down the missing Page 1 of the 6930th Civilian Labor Group Historical Summary from 1975. I have added it to that unit's page in the Labor Service section.

Posted photos from several collections: 2nd Armored Division Headquarters building at Bad Kreuznach, early 1950s (2nd Armd Div Page, Divisions section); updated the 1956 topto map of Garmisch and added several additional Garmisch hotels that were used by US military and dependents in the early days of AFRC (Garmisch Page, Kaserne section).

  This website will continue to undergo many changes as I keep adding information (maps, photos, histories of military communities, kasernes, units and personal recollections) and experiment with formats, resolutions, etc.